Eye pain and Redness

You must have come across a situation where one moment your eye is working perfectly and then suddenly you feel some itching and the chain continues going towards the worst ending up in a red puffy eye with serious eye pain.

What is it?

It is a condition in which eyes undergo irritation and become very itchy.

The eyes become very painful and red.

They usually come with a gritty sensation in which the patient cannot focus objects.

Symptoms of Eye pain and Redness

This condition of eye pain and redness is itself an apparent condition where visible signs begin to show.

However, many other symptoms accompany this condition, some very common symptoms are as follows:

  • A severe headache
  • Watery eyes
  • Pain in eyes, cheeks, and nose.
  • Droopy eyes
  • Blurry vision
  • Puffy eyes
  • Itching
  • Eye discharge
  • Visual disturbances
  • Increased light sensitivity


How does it happen?

There is a long list of factors which become the cause of severe eye pain and redness.

Some most common causes are described below:

  • Dry eyes: The tear glands in eyes are damaged and produce an insufficient amount of tears or their quality is not satisfactory. Since tears are not being produced eyes are not lubricated properly, therefore, eye pain and redness occurs.
  • Pink eyes: It is a common infection in which the membrane covering the sclera and eyelids become infected. When the infection has occurred, the vessels swell and become irritated giving eye pain and redness.
  • Contact lenses: Most people don’t know exactly how to wear contact lenses. When people don’t follow the proper criteria of wearing contact lenses, they cause serious eye infection. They increase dryness by blocking the tear glands thus resulting in eye pain and redness.
  • Allergy: When foreign particles such as dust, pollen etc enter the body, your immune system launches an army against them. In order to initiate the inflammatory response, histamine is released which dilates the vessels thus making the eyes watery.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome: Too much use of digital screens causes the penetration of blue lights which are highly harmful to your eyes. They cause certain conditions which lead to eye pain and redness.


Eye specialists don’t have a compiled set of treatment for eye pain and redness.

Instead, they first go through the test reports and observe the causes and symptoms.

Then they decide the type of treatment a patient needs.

In some conditions when the case is in its initial stages, doctors suggest using cool or warm compresses over the eyes.

This will instantly lower the eye pain and redness.

For a quicker and efficient result, doctors prescribe over-the-counter eye drops.

These eye drops make the eye pain and redness fade after use of a few days.

Make sure you buy the correct the eye drops.

Sometimes, artificial tears are also prescribed to fight the dry eyes.

How does Iris help?

Iris is a software which works for the protection and safety of its people eyes.

It is a software and its job is to filter all the harmful short wavelength blue lights and let the remaining rays pass.

Since, our eyes are unable to detect all the rays that emit from the screens of your laptops, computers, and smartphones therefore, Iris plays its role and makes sure that your eyes are safe from all the blue lights.

You must know that these blue lights, over a long period of time, slowly progress into your eyes and become a cause of many serious disorders.

With Iris, you can make your surfing and scrolling tension free.

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