Which type of Light is good for the Eyes?

Have you ever noticed that the amount of people with eyesight problems is increasing at a rapid pace?

Like, there is a big amount of the population that is wearing glasses for weak eyesight and this is something to be worried about.

Now, there obviously is one common reason of why people are falling victim to eyesight problems and that reason is the excessive use of cellphones and laptops.

Yes, you read it right, it is that time of life when almost everyone is using these devices and we all are unknowingly destroying our eye.

The Effect Of Light On Eyes

The use of laptops and phones isn’t dangerous but if you start using the screen excessively and for long durations then obviously it is going to destroy your eyes.

The light coming out of the screen is the major thing that affects your vision and this is something we all need to pay heed too.

Now, the question here is that what light is good for the eyes and what should be done about the blue light coming out of the screen. Well, don’t worry because we do have answers to that too.

You see there is blue light everywhere around you and one of the biggest sources of blue light is the Sun, now obviously one cannot start avoiding the Sun but we surely can avoid other sources of blue light.

Here we want to clear one thing again that blue light comes with some benefits too but the β€œexcessive” exposure of the eye to this light is what causes the main problem.Β 

What Light Is Good For The Eyes

It is clear and simple, the light that puts a strain on your eyes isn’t good for you.

On the other hand, you can change the bulbs around you and you can opt for LED bulbs, the traditional incandescent bulbs, and halogen bulbs as they come with a warmer light that is good for the eyes.

Moreover, for the blue light coming out of the screens, you can use blue light filters, especially at the night time.

Blue light becomes more dangerous for you at night because the light around you is darker and dimmer than the light coming out of your screen, ultimately, what happens is that the blue light coming from the screen of your phone starts putting excessive strain on your eyes and ultimately your nervous system gets disturbed.

Here is where blue light filter plays its part, you see there are several blue light filters available online and these filters are no less than a blessing because they protect your eyes from all sorts of damages.Β 


One of the most common and the most used blue light filter is called Iris, it basically is a software that comes with several benefits and numerous features.

The basic principle of Iris is to adjust the light of your screen in such a way that it looks natural to the eyes.

Hence, you don’t feel any strain and this is what this magical software is all about.

No strain means a relaxed nervous system and relaxed eyes to and that ultimately gives you a chance to have a sound sleep at night too.

Not only improved sleep and prevention of strain are what Iris promotes in fact with it you will be able to get rid of the unnecessary eye pain too.

So, yes you can say that it is an amazing software that can be used both, on a laptop and on a phone too.

If you are also worried about your vision then we suggest you try this filter for once and you will see the results for yourself.



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