What Color is Easier on the Eyes at Night?

The worst thing that one can do to his eyes is to put them under excessive and constant strain.

Strain and stress on the eyes can actually have a very bad effect on the overall health of a person and especially on the nervous system.

Has it ever occurred to you that you spent all your day in front of the screen and at night you didn’t sleep well?

Well, this happens and it is a reaction of the body and the nervous system when you put your eyes under a constant state of strain.

Every individual has one common sensitive part of the body and that is the eye.

Eyes are very very sensitive and sometimes even a small injury in the eye can lead you to chronic ocular diseases.

Also, sometimes the situations get so worse that it leads you to permanent vision loss.

Now, we all know the fact that injuries are inevitable but what we can do is that we can protect our eyes from the other dangerous elements around us.

Speaking of the dangers, one of the most common thing that can destroy our eyes is the light coming out of our screens. 

The Light Of The Screen

Not many are aware of the fact that the light coming out of our devices and laptops etc is also known as blue light and it is the most dangerous light, especially at the night time.

Why at night is a question that everyone asks, you see what actually happens is that at night time, everything around you is dark and the light around you is kept dim on the other hand if you are going to use your mobile phone or laptop with a dim light around you then automatically it will put double strain on your eyes than the daytime, this is where the problem begins.

Extra strain means the disturbed nervous system and hence all your body functions especially your sleep gets really disturbed.

The Solution

The need of the hour is that people should now start paying heed to their eyes and their protection.

You cannot just simply carry on with by destroying your vision because when you reach your 60’s you will then start facing some serious vision problems.

Now there are several ways we can protect our eyes from this light and we are now going to jot down some of the basic ones, so make sure you note down what we are about to tell you.

Change the color of your screen, the easiest color on your eyes can be dark text on a light background.

For example, your eyes can be at their maximum comfort if you use a black colored text on a white background.

You can change the color of both the text and the background by just keeping one thing in mind that the text should always be darker.

Another solution is to use blue light filters for your screens such as Iris.

Iris is currently the most popular blue light filter that can help you in reducing the strain on your eyes to a whole another level.

Iris is one intelligent software that works by adjusting the light of your screen in accordance with the light around you.

Moreover, with it, you can a variety of options to choose from and see which color makes your eyes more comfortable.

If you are someone who genuinely cares about his or her vision then we suggest you to give Iris a try once and the results will be in front of you.


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