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If I don’t like Iris will I get a refund?

Yes, we have a company rule to always refund money if somebody is unhappy with Iris.

We will also probably delete the activation code since it’s not fair if you like and use Iris but want a refund.

I tried to summarize all questions related to your buying protection at this Buying Agreement.

In short, we always refund money and try to provide the best possible service.

Up until now, we don’t have not even one unhappy customer so we try really hard to be good and helpful.

If you don’t believe me, see the reviews on our Facebook page.

Types of Licenses

Aside from the free models of Iris, there are several different kinds of licenses that you can buy:

  • Lifelong without updates
  • Subscription for all products
  • Lifelong including updates

I will try to explain them in the simplest possible way now.

All these licensesΒ are valid for 1 device at a time.

You can move the activation code if you buy a new computer but 1 activation code is for 1 PC.

If you want to use Iris or Iris mini at more than 1 device at a time there are subscription options.

Lifelong without updates

With this license, you can buy Iris and use it forever but when there is a new version if you want to update you need to pay again.

I provide minor builds and bug fixes if I find something wrong.

I will also probably send you a new code if you have some bug which is fixed in the newest version.

You don’t need to pay again for anything and this is 1-time purchase.

You are also not forced to update if there is a new version.

You can use your old version as long as you want.

Think of this license option like something between a subscription and lifelong including updates.


If you buy a subscription license basically you have a recurring payment every month or year and you have a code that you can use on all Iris products.

You can cancel the subscription at any time and the code will expire at the end of the period.

You can move the code to new machines and everything else.

You will also get all future new versions and updates for free.

Lifelong including updates

Basically buy once and use forever.

This is a one-time payment and you will get all future updates for free.

You can again move the code to new machines.

You will also get all new versions and updates for free.

This is not a recurring payment and you pay only once.

Payment methods

Currently, you can pay with Credit/Debit card via PayPal or 2Checkout.

PayPal is the easiest and preferred method.

If you don’t want to pay via PayPal the 2Checkout payment options will allow you to pay only by entering the numbers on yourΒ Credit/Debit card.

2Checkout doesn’t require any registrations but it asks you for more details like Address and your Names.

Iris is a digital product and you will get an activation code not something shipped to you but this is required from regulators.

You can also pay with BitcoinΒ and other cryptocurrencies if you like but this is not automated and you may need to wait for activation code a little because I create them by hand.

How to Buy?

You can see the Buy menu at the top of every page but I’m also leaving you all options here:

These pages are mostly related to Iris, but if you want to buy Iris mini you can do this from here:

If you want to buy Vision you can do this from here:

All other products on this website are free at the moment.

You can find info about all the products on the Models page.

33 thoughts on “Licensing

  1. Hi,
    I downloaded and am trialling out your software today. Looking forward to it!

    If I might provide two thoughts:
    1) Would you consider adding Ether as a payment option? I noticed you offer Bitcoin.
    2) I was going to ask about (1) by going to the “Contact Me” page. However, it redirects to Facebook Messenger. I don’t use that app due to privacy concerns. It might be worth considering adding an contactme@iris email address.


    1. We accept cryptocurrencies but since the volume of this types of payments is low we do it manually.

      For more info see:

      I know the page says Bitcoin but you will see also ETH and a couple of other altcoins addresses from my wallet.

      If the coin is not listed on the page write to us to see if I can create an address for the specific currency.

      You can write to but since I read all e-mails my e-mail is a little full and we have some automated answers via Messenger to help the users faster.

      It’s on the bottom of every page but maybe I need to move it somewhere more visible πŸ™‚

      CEO Iris

      1. I seem to be confronted with Facebook to talk with you.
        If I buy will I have the same problem.
        I will not use Facebook. Ron

          1. My Iris Subscription will Expire within 51 days,
            as there is new update available, what if i update it…will it will effect my subscription
            that’s my question

          2. The Trials work on All versions. You can update and you will still have 51 days, if not it’s a bug and just write to us πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Daniel. I’m on Day 3 of the trial period and I am impressed by the software and your service so I will buy it at the end of the period. A question: I have two desktop computers, one each in homes in two countries which I travel between. Which option will allow me to use the software on both?

  3. Hi,

    I’m interested in buying a license to use Iris pro and was wondering if I buy the $14.99 license (1 version, life long updates) now, but decided I’d like to go for the $49.99 license some time in the future (all versions, life long updates) would I be able to get this at a discounted price?


  4. I run Fedora Linux and Windows 7 on two (dual boot) non-networked computers, Windows 7 on a music computer, and Mac OS on a Mac Mini entertainment center computer.

    Which subscription would be best for me. considering only the info above?

    More recondite questions: Can you process images to make the light from the tv in my Mac entertainment system to make that tv image easier on my eyes?
    On any OS, do you plan in the future to somehow filter not only blue light, but also bright green light as well ?

  5. Hi Daniel,
    We have a pc and a mac as well as two ipads.

    Ideally, we would want the lifelong $49.99 license. However, since it’s only for 1 computer, I am a bit confused about the diff between license and subscription.

    Can you please clarify the diff between a monthly subscription and a lifelong license? What I understand is: subscription is for multiple computers and is lifelong, where as license is only for 1 computer and is lifelong. Correct?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Diane,
      The subscriptions are monthly and can be found here:

      They give you access to the latest versions of Iris that get released and we have one that is made for multiple computers

      The other licenses we have last for lifetime w/o updates and we have one that is for lifetime with updates and support for the latest versions, can be found here:

      The iOS version is free right now, we have a guide on how to install here:

      Mihail πŸ™‚

  6. Hi there. I am using a Toshiba laptop with a monitor attached.

    Can anyone tell me if Iris will work on the monitor or does it only work on the computer screen?
    If so is there anything I need to do in settings to adjust the monitor?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  7. Hallo there,
    i ve tried a free seven days ,
    I am very pleased with your magnificent software,
    and i decided to purchase iris mini pro license.
    I don t want to pay with pay pall !!
    so i try to pay with 2checkout
    But i receive every time an error code PE102!!??
    What now?

    I am living in Belgium, have an valid visa card

    Hopely this situation will be resolved quickly

    1. Yes, I also wrote to them like 25 times in the last 2 weeks

      Their support is really bad:
      2checkan out support

      You can pay via myPOS here:

      I created and send you an activation code via your Email πŸ™‚

      CEO Iris

      Note that we don’t have automation right now here so if somebody else pays by this link write to our email or messenger to create activation code by hand. I will probably integrate a couple more payment methods for situations like this but PayPal works and we are most happy with it

    2. 2checkout payments now work again and they are automated πŸ™‚

      Sorry for the trouble
      (The problem was only the last couple of days)


  8. I like the product and shall be buying it but also, as with an increasing amount of folk like myself who have been using it for years, will NOT now use PayPal. This is because they appear to be a sign of the future, whereby they are increasing their range of control and in particular would not reply either by phone or email satisfactoraly to my complaint about them stopping Tommy Robinson’s account – WITH NO EXPLANATION – and freezing payments in the account on the way to him for 90 days! This is totally unacceptable behaviour and suggests a totalitarian future. Could you let me know if your probem with 2checkout has been put right, or has one to use MYPOS. If then opening that page does one pay the link which is shown @ $15 or does this then mean that you send an email code?

    1. 2checkout payments now work again and they are automated πŸ™‚

      Sorry for the trouble
      (The problem was only the last couple of days)


  9. Hi
    Do you have any volume discounted price for several licenses for use by family?
    Thank you.

    1. Hello, how many licenses are you planning to get? We could possibly work something out πŸ™‚
      Chief Customer Officer and Lead Marketing Specialist

  10. I am on the Iris 7 day trial… and most likely wish to purchase the lifelong membership option with automatic updates. What is the best price for this, and how can I order?
    You do not lave the lifelong option available on your sales page

  11. If my PC crashed and I reinstall the Windows, can I still reinstall Iris bought under the “Lifelong without updates”? Thank you.

  12. I have switched computers for work a window to a Mac. I want my subscription to go on the Mac computer. How do I do this without cancelling my subscription? I can’t find the license# anywhere…
    Thank you so much!

    iris account :

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