How to choose a Blue light filter

Everything you need to know about Blue light and Eye Health

You may think that all blue light filters are the same but they are not.

In this article, I’m going to give you everything you need to know to choose the best blue light filter.

Based on my 5 years of experience dealing with blue light, eye problems, and sleep, there are certain things which are super important and nobody talks about.

Eye problems caused by too much blue light exposure

If you want to protect your eyes from the PC,

If you want to have better and more deep sleep,

If you want to work more on your computer and be less tired,

Then filtering and controlling your blue light exposure will help you achieve this.

All high-performing people know about blue light, but there are also some things which they know and most people don’t.

You are already a step ahead because you know that our health is not only food and water.

Light has so profound effect on our body and yet it is the most underrated physical phenomena.

The light changes our sleep patterns, affect the building blocks of our body – the mitochondria cells.

Light regulates our mood and emotions and the truth is that we don’t even see most of the light around us.

Our microwave, the Wi-Fi in our house, radio, our smartphones even the electrical current in our house, all of this is light.

And while we can’t live in caves and about all EMFs, you can do something about the harmful emissions from your PC at work or at your home.

Cells of living things respond the most to red and blue light.

Red light promotes growth and blue light suppresses growth.

You can see this in medical researches on plants, rats and all kinds of animals.

In our body, we get tons of problems by too much exposure to blue light.

One of the most prominent are different problems and retinal damages to our eyes, but we also get negative effects if we get too much blue light onto our skin.

And not surprisingly the biggest producer of blue light in our lives is our electronic devices.

Phones, laptops and our PC.

Compared to the sunlight the light emitted from our electronic devices contains so much more blue light that all of us get eye pain, sleep problems, depression, mood swings and emotional instability.

But it shouldn’t be that way. There is a way to use your PC whole day and feel great.

In 2015 I created a game-changing health software called Iris.

Today it’s used by more than 1 million people worldwide and is growing every day.

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If you have some friend who is super productive and feels great all the time she is probably using Iris and is one of the thousands of happy users. So back to the question,

Why most Blue light filters are bad?

To answer this question simply, it’s not only blue light.

There is also PWM flicker, Subpixel flicker and the premise of most blue light filters is that they will improve your sleep.

But is this actually true?

If you have some blue light filter you can use this blue light filter test to see how effective it is.

It’s not only Blue light

And by it’s not only blue light I mean that the latest medical researches point that light up to 550 nm has an effect on melatonin suppression.

They are actually not that new since most of them are from 2001 but most of the blue light filter manufacturers don’t even read things that are this old.

I don’t want to go into much details about this so I’m just going to give you some links to medical researches: Study 1, Study 2, Study 3, etc.

And you don’t need a PhD to understand all of this things.

We have read, tested and made a product which can give you all the benefits of the science of blue light with a simple click.

And just so you know, if you really want to improve your sleep, the colors around you at night should look like the Sleep type in Iris.

This may seem like too much but it’s actually true.

However, the Health type will reduce the peak of blue light and you will be more healthy and sleep better while the colors of your screen comfortable to watch.

Just try and tell me if you don’t see a difference in your eye and sleep health. You will be amazed and you will never use a PC without Iris again.

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So you need to block light up to 550 nm to have a better sleep (both blue and green) but what about eye protection?

Is blocking blue light enough to reduce your eye pain and eye-related problems with the PC?

Is it normal to feel eye strain in front of the PC?

The answer is No.

Eye pain has little to do with reducing the blue light and much more with matching the brightness to the room lighting and reducing flicker from your monitor.

My research found that most monitors are actually really bad for the eyes and I explain this in a little bit more details in my TED talk, “How technology is killing our eyes“:

The flicker from our monitor causes our iris got make constant contractions and this is actually the thing I wanted to fix when I created my software, Iris.

The process is similar to the movement of the iris when we turn ON and OFF the lights in the room and watch ourselves in the mirror but much faster.

It looks like this:

Iris fixes this by controlling the brightness of the screen automatically without changing the flicker frequency.

Under the hood, it uses the video card and special kinds of commands instead of the backlight which is much better for eye protection and Iris is the only software in the world which takes care of all kinds of flickers.

You can test this by installing Iris and going to the PWM flicker test or Subpixel flicker test.

You can also try other softwares for eye protection and/or blue light reduction with the above tests and just the difference.

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Other things which affect our Eye health

Aside from the blue light and the flicker of our monitors, there are also other things which affect our eye health.

Font Rendering

Iris is the only software which can make things like font rendering more healthy for the eyes by displaying more sharp fonts which are easier for our eyes to focus.

Glossy vs Matte

Other things like glossy monitors also affect our eye health because they cause a double image on the screen and our eye gets strained while trying to focus on only one of the images.

If you have a glossy monitor like on the picture of the left consider buying some anti-reflective coating or using a matte screen which doesn’t reflect the light but diffuses it.


It’s also a good practice to yawn more since this makes our eyes to produce more tears.

Yawning is the most effective way to moisture our eyes.


If you can try to stand up from the PC from time to time and look at a distant object.

Looking at distant objects will help your eyes to relax more and will reduce the eye strain from your monitor.

Iris can remind you to take breaks at regular intervals with its Timer feature.

But if you only install Iris just for the blue light and the flicker-free brightness you don’t need to take such measures and you will feel great without implementing complex routines into your lifestyle.

It’s simple as downloading the software.

Download Iris

What if I don’t use a Blue light filter?

Well, you are not going to die but you are going to be much more unhealthy and I’m not sure if there is even a downside to blue light filters.

Studies show that prolong exposure to blue light is linked to:

  • Impaired memory
  • Depression
  • Macular degeneration
  • Cataracts
  • Prostate and breast cancer
  • Risk of obesity
  • Neurotoxin buildup
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Poor immunity and susceptibility to viruses and bacteria
  • Cardiovascular diseases

This may sound like too much but the light really is more than just light.

We spend so much time thinking about what we eat and what we drink.

We know that a poor diet can cause all sorts of diseases but what about our light diet?

Light is important for every cell into our body from the mitochondria to our hormone-producing organs.

Light is important and using a blue light filter at least during the night is also important.

Whatever you will get blue light filter glasses, blue light filter software or blue light filter screen protector try for a couple of days to reduce the blue light around you during the night.

You will never look at electronic devices during the night the same way again.

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How will I be better if I use a Blue light filter?

First, if you use a blue light filter at night you will notice an immediate difference in the amount of the time you need to fall asleep after using your computer at night.

But I personally don’t like to go to sleep early so my biggest benefit is that I don’t feel any eye pain or eye strain anymore from my monitor.

Protect yourself from blue light

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)  or some symptoms of it are present in more than 90% of the computer users worldwide.

I suffered from dry eyes, used tons of artificial eye drops but not anymore. A regular blue light filter may not cure all of the symptoms of CVS but it will definitely help.

The reason is as I told before that blue light is only part of the problem but it’s an important part.

As the most high-energy visible light, it penetrates deep into our retina and damages it.

Macular degeneration, cataracts, and all kinds of irreversible diseases are caused by too much blue light so by using a blue light filter you will never have to worry about this things again.

So you will sleep better, you will feel less eye strain and your eye pain will be reduced.

If you care about your eye health and really want to use your computer for longer without feeling any eye strain Iris is the perfect solution.

Not only that it will gradually regulate the blue light to sleep better and protect yourself from all kinds of eye diseases, but it will also match the brightness of the screen to the light around you and will remove the flicker from your monitor.

Flicker is the most common case for us to get bad vision and prescription glasses and Iris will save your vision without the need to restrain yourself from using the computer.

With Iris, you can use your computer for the entire day and night and be sure that your vision will not become worse. It will actually become better, much better.

Healthy eyes, better vision, reduces eye strain, relieved eye pain, and better sleep.

Do you want to be the healthiest of your friends, without doing anything?

Download Iris

How is Iris different from other products?

Blue light

Compared to other blue light filter software Iris blocks the blue light better and has bigger color range.

While most softwares can leave 5 or 10% blue light even on the lowest values Iris can literally remove all blue and green light up to 550nm.

To test this you can use this test image or go to Iris blue light filter test for testing gifs and other methods to test how much blue light your blue light filter blocks.

Iris doesn’t work on TVs yet so if you want to block the blue light from your TV or the lightbulbs around you it’s good to combine it with blue light filter glasses.

The benefit of Iris over blue light filter glasses aside for the bigger blocking range is also that it blocks the blue light before it’s even emitted so it doesn’t come to your skin which causes some health problems with the mitochondria.

Melanopsin is also present in our skin so you may also get some circadian rhythms disruption if you get too much blue light on your skin.


Iris is also the only product which can remove all flicker from your monitor which is the main cause of eye strain and headaches.

You can test your monitor for PWM flicker from this PWM flicker test and test your monitor for Subpixel flicker from this Subpixel flicker test.

Download Iris

Is Iris Free?

Iris is free for 7 days and it doesn’t require you to enter any debit/credit card details so you can just click the Download button and you will get an installation file.

After installation, you will also get your own special invite link and if you like Iris and send your link to some of your friends you get 1 more free month for every friend you invite.

If some of your friends install Iris you will get 1 more month of free time for your Iris so you can basically use it 1 year for free if you just tell to 10 friends.

If you want to use the program more than this you can always click the Buy button and you can purchase lifelong or subscription license for Iris.

You can read more about all these things from the Licensing page on our website.

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Will I get my money back if I don’t like it?

Yes, we have a company rule to always refund money if somebody is unhappy with Iris.

We will also probably delete the activation code since it’s not fair if you like and use Iris but want a refund.

I tried to summarize all questions related to your buying protection at this Buying Agreement.

In short, we always refund money and try to provide the best possible service.

Up until now, we don’t have not even one unhappy customer so we try really hard to be good and helpful.

If you don’t believe me, see the reviews on our Facebook page.

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Do people use Iris?

Yes, more than 2 million people at the time of writing use Iris in more than 180 countries.

Iris is also recommended from world-class experts as the best health software. It’s used by millionaires, Olympic athletes, doctors and health experts and so many people tell us that this is the first software they install on their PC.

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Famous people like Dr. Mercola and Ben Greenfield use Iris:

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People on Facebook use Iris:

and also on Twitter:

You can see all positive reviews on our Facebook page and famous people who use the software on the homepage.

I also have some collection of e-mails and other reviews on the testimonials page.

There are so much more people using Iris but we just recently started collecting reviews so I guess it’s my fault that I can only show you only couple of hundred reviews but they are all real.

We don’t have even one unhappy user and if somebody is not happy we refund everything purchased.

It’s mine and our company biggest rule and responsibility to never let problem unsolved or a user not happy.

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If I have a problem will somebody help me?

Yes, we answer via Messenger and via e-mail to everything.

On Messenger, we also have some automation for the most common questions so it’s the preferred method of communication and you can get an answer in under 1 second.

For our team to respond it takes us around 1 day because we are still a small team but I have also a plan to add some phone support 🙂

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Final Words

Thanks for reading this article and if you liked it, we would be really happy if you click some of the buttons bellow and share it with friends. Thank you again,

Daniel Georgiev
CEO Iris Technologies

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