Timer page help

From here you can customize the Iris timer.

When the timer is active before the rest you will get reminder like this

Then just before the rest you will get Postpone window in the bottom right corner of the screen

Clicking postpone will cause the timer to be postponed by the Postpone duration. You can customize this duration from here

When the timer is running the remaining work and rest time areΒ shown on the main screen

If you don’t postpone the timer rest screen is shown

You can select different timers from the Timer type dropdown.

The available timers are


The timer is stopped and there will be no break reminding.


Normal mode looks like this

By default every 30 minutes this screen will be shown with countdown timer. You can change work and rest time from the Timer page


Strict mode doesn’t have this Skip rest button and can’t be skipped. Use it to force yourself to get up, but be careful not to lock your PC for long period of time.

Strict mode looks like this and can’t be skipped


Productive mode is one nice Pomodoro timer which can easily switched from rest to work. As the name it’s make for people who use work and rest combinations for productivity

You can change the duration of the work and rest time from

This values apply to all timer types. You can also test the rest screen by clicking Have a rest now or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+Enter

If Auto close rest screen is set to OFF you will get Continue button after the rest has ended

If Use sounds is set to OFF there will be no sounds for break reminding.[:bg]

15 thoughts on “Timer page help

  1. Hi,
    Turning off “use sounds” doesn’t do anything to the sounds of an incoming rest or any other sound I have observed. I still hear sounds when a rest is upcoming. Is there a way to turn off sound completely for IRIS?
    I wear headphones and it is kind of disturbing to hear the sound of incoming rest. It seems enough for me to see the warning flag with the notice.


  2. It would be nice to have 2 break options. Short breaks and long breaks. That way, after a few short breaks, a user can take a longer break.

    1. Hi Eric,
      Thanks for the suggestion πŸ™‚
      You can adjust the duration of your break in the Timer menu in Advanced view

  3. I don’t have a setting for timer under either simple or advanced. Above instructions and comments are confusing. I LIKE the 20-20 rest, but I DON’T want popups or alarms that tell me it’s coming. Help!

  4. I was hoping for a blend between the Productive and Normal modes. I would like the timer in the bottom-right corner of my screen. Then the break shows the rest screen of the Normal mode.

    Another useful feature would be the ability to change the volume of the “use sounds” option.

  5. For IRIS Timer, please change “Postpone duration” to allow a user to enter 0 (zero). This will allow a user to take a strict break. Thank you.

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