What is Blue light filter Glasses?

There has recently been a lot of hype about blue light filters and their effectiveness when it comes to the protection of the eyes.

However, there yet is a big figure of the population that is unaware of the term β€œblue light” and its dangers.

If you are also someone who wants to know everything in detail about blue light and the blue light filter glasses then you are at the right place, reading the right article.

Today we are going to tell you everything about it so don’t forget to take notes because this article is going to be very useful for you.Β 

What Is Blue Light?

There are different types of lights around us like white light, red light, green light and the blue light.

Now, every light has a different wavelength and it is said that the longer the wavelength is, the less energy it has.

Blue light among all the other lights is considered to have the shortest wavelength and that is where the problem begins.

Blue light cannot be filtered by the naked human eye and it goes straight to the retina of the eye and obviously, if you are going to expose your eyes constantly to the blue light then that can be a problem for your vision.

Moreover, blue light is also considered to be equally dangerous as UV light which is also known as the ultraviolet light. So, from that, you can have an idea of how dangerous it can be for us and our eyes.

Our Eyes and Blue Light

Unfortunately blue light is the only light that cannot be blocked by our eyes and again this is the major issue.

This is the reason why people mostly tell you that you should not use your mobile phone, especially at night.

Excessive exposure to blue light to the eye can actually lead you to permanent vision loss too and as you grow older, your eyes become more and more sensitive to this light.

Now, in order to save our eyes from the damage of the blue light, we all need to find out some solutions that can help us with the protection or else the circumstances may get worse.

What Can Be Done?

Now, we won’t ask you to stop using your screens because let’s face it mobile phones and laptops have now become a part of our lives but what there are several other things you can do in order to protect yourself from the damage of the blue light.

Firstly, you can start avoiding the use of electronic devices, especially at the night time.

Secondly, you can start using blue light filters on your phones, tablets, and computers so that the light of your screen won’t enter directly into your retina.

Thirdly you can try on the blue light filter glasses while you are using your screens, these glasses are easily available and you can buy them from any eye care.

Blue Light Filters

The blue light filters are currently the talk of the town and the number of these filter applications and software is increasing at a rapid pace.

One of the best blue light filter software till date is Iris.

Iris is considered to be the best software for both, your phones and your computers because it actually optimizes and adjusts the temperature of your screen in such a way that it looks completely natural to your eyes.

So, yes if you are looking forward to protecting your eyes from your screen light then we suggest you give Iris a try.



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