To all the people who have helped me along the way

You can’t achieve anything alone. This is true in life, in business, in sports and in everything. This page is not for Iris and it’s not for me. It’s for all the people that I met in my life and to all the people who have helped me along the way.

Iris started as a student project for one competition and I want to thank my friends with whom we created the first version of Iris. Thanks to Alex Dimitrov, Bojidar Giorev, Martin Simeonov, Martin Kirilov and Cvetelin Marinov. Although Iris today has almost nothing in common with the original idea of blink reminding and the other guys are working in top positions in their companies together we placed really solid foundation. Special thanks to Alex for the initial logo and app design. Yes, he is the guy who made the green Iris logo.

Thanks to Start it smart for giving me head start into entrepreneurship. When I was 17 years old this guys totally changed my thinking and gave me so much with their Pre-accelerator program. Although my 3D printer business failed back then they introduced me to so many successful people and I managed to switch from the guy who was rowing in the woods whole day to a guy who thinks how to solve problems.

My knowledge in programming is thanks to Telerik academy and my high school TUES. I was really lucky to have some great teachers and to be free to pursue my interests not worrying about finishing school. When I was sportsmen I skipped almost all classes, but my school was really open for this and didn’t make me much of a problem.

Thanks to all of my teachers and coaches. Sport play really important role in my life. I spend my entire childhood training and I don’t regret anything. I managed to make so many friends, I won a lot of competitions, I learned discipline and build the foundation of my attitude towards life. If there was one thing which make me who am I today this is sport. Special thanks also to my family. Our opinions and lives are different on so many levels, but they did a great job making me a good human being.

Character traits and other things aside if it wasn’t for so many people who spread the word about Iris only I would use it today. There are so many people who tell friends about Iris. Even you are one of them. Some of the text will be in Bulgarian, but this is why in all started from here.

TODO add more info for each person


Ben Greenfield, Joseph Mercola, Uroš Bole

Boomer Anderson, David Krantz, Josh Trent, Karen Urbanek

Latin America

Christian de la Cruz


Danail Dochev, Lazar Radkov, Georgi Nenov, Lilyana Shapkadjieva, Svetlin Nakov, Blagoy Cicelkov, Milena Encheva, Irena Rasheva, Andrea Ioveva, Spisanie 8, Bogomil Shopov

Desislava Kostova, Georgi Asparuhov


Chip Czech Republic


Julian Bos, Anissa Jones, Valentin Kirilov, John Heeter, Denis Gerber, Sergio Diaz, Colton Parker, Ming Shao


Nicholas from Giveaway of the Day

Kent and Ashraf from SharewareOnSale

Julia Romanchenko from Giveaway Club


Laurent Huguet – French translation

Sven Rose – German translation

D Cunningham, Janusz Buda – Grammar checking

Sergey Hristov – Bulgarian translation and Grammar checking

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