Eye Pain

Eye pain –

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Table of contents

Leading causes of eye pain

Different types of eye pain

How to prevent eye pain



Eyes are one of the most important and used human parts. Unfortunately in the time we live our eyes are exposed to а lot of dangers. Main causes of eye pain is technology – our monitors, PC screens, etc. In this guide you will learn a lot more on what eye pain. Stay tuned.


Why do we feel eye pain?

As mentioned earlier technology is one of the main eye killers. In 21st century, people spend a lot of time sitting in front of a PC, watching TV or using their smartphone. Studies show that over a third of adults spend more than half of their day using technology.

Particularly using a technology is not that bad for our eyesight. The problem is that we do it for a very long time. This leads to our eyes getting tired and sore. We should take a bigger amount of breaks.

Not blinking enough also is a big problem



Blue light

Have you ever wondered why you cannot sleep after a long PC usage session? That’s probably because of blue light. This is one of the main light our PC monitors emit


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