App To Remove Blue Light

and Why you should use it?

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Before telling you about the best software to remove the blue light, let’s first talk a bit about blue light and what it is.

We all know about the electromagnetic waves and how the different particles and wavelengths make up the electromagnetic spectrum.

Now, the thing is that the human eye is just sensitive to one part of all this spectrum and that part is known as visible light.

Human eye basically is sensitive to visible light and visible light further has different lights in it such as indigo, violet, blue, green, yellow and red.

Among all these lights the most dangerous one is none other than the blue light.

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Why Is Blue Light Dangerous?Β 

Blue light is just like the other lights when it comes to the benefits but when we talk about the darker side of blue light, you will see that it actually is very dangerous to the naked eye and can causeΒ eye pain and redness.

The fault is not in the color blue, in fact, the major problem lies in the wavelength of the blue light color temperature.

It is said that the shorter the wavelength, the stronger the light.

Same is the case with the blue light, it comes with a short wavelength which makes it the most powerful one.

The direct exposure of the eye to blue light is dangerous because the human eye cannot filter this light and it goes straight up to the retina where all the problem begins. According to Wikipedia,Β these effects of blue light technology are where the problems for our eye health begin.

Eyes Protection - Blue LIght Filter App eye protection iris software

Blue light comes with a wavelength of 380nm to 500nm and this makes it the highest energy wavelength.

This light is almost everywhere around us but the major source of it is the Sun and our digital screens.

Just like UV rays are harmful to our skin and our eyes, such light is also equally harmful which is why you should always wear sunglasses while going out in the daytime.


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As far as our digital devices are concerned, the screens of our cell phones and laptops are extremely dangerous as our eyes are quite near to the blue light screen.

The direct contact of the eyes to this light can slowly affect your vision and there are chances that you might even get blind.

So, you need a solution to protect your eyes or else things will get worse with the passage of time.Β 

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The Best Blue Light FilterΒ 

Using such a light filter also known as aΒ screen brightness dimmer on your screen is so far the best thing you can do to yourself.

If you really want your monitor to become healthy for your eyes then there is an amazing filter that can reduce the blue light coming out of your screens and here by that filter we are referring you to Iris.

Iris is the king of vision, this software used as a blue light blocking screen filter comes with numerous benefits but most importantly, it is there to help you protect your eyes.

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Right now there is a big figure of the population that is using Iris and you can use it too because honestly, it does bring you some good results.

You will start feeling less stressed at night, there won’t be any strain on your eyes, you will be able to get a better sleep at night and above everything, you won’t have those painful headaches anymore.

Yes, you read it right, Iris is making headlines due to its effectiveness and there is no doubt in the fact that this software is intelligent.

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What actually happens is that Iris regulates the light coming out of your screen and sets it according to the light around you.

This way the blue light of your monitor gets reduced and your eyes stay protected.

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