How Does Blue Light Affect Your Sleep?

and What can you do about it?

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We all are quite conscious about our health and every day we come across several articles and several doctors telling us to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy, sleep well and exercise daily.

But honestly, have you ever come across a person who tells you about the exposure of the junk light and how dangerous it is for our eyes?

Well, we are pretty sure that more than half of the people reading this article don’t even know what junk light is and what is continuously threatening the health of their eyes.

Hereby that junk light we are referring to the blue light that we are constantly exposing our eyes to.

Blue light is equally harmful to the eyes just as UV light is and the interesting part is that a big fraction of blue light comes from the Sun.

For this reason, doctors and experts recommend you to wear sunglasses every time you go out under the Sun.

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Blue Light And Everything You Need To Know About It?

As said earlier, the blue light comes from the Sun too but there is another major source from where our eyes get exposed to this light.

That source is your mobile phone, your laptop, your computer and even your TV screen.

Yes, you read it right, the screen blue light coming out of your screen is a serious threat to your vision which is why a lot of elders advise the children to use as less of the mobile phones as possible as it results in a seriousΒ headache and eye pain.

Now, you might be wondering that why exactly is blue light dangerous and how can it cause ocular diseases.

Well, the thing about this light is that it comes with the shortest of wavelengths which is why blue light is extremely powerful.

This light goes straight up to the retina of your eyes which is where the problem begins.

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How Can Blue Light Affect Your Sleep?

The thing is that blue light puts a lot of strain on your eyes.

Has it ever occurred to you that you used to cellphone throughout the day and then it became difficult for you to sleep at night?

Well, if this did happen to you then know that you need to blame the screen of your phone and most importantly the blue light coming out of it.

You cannot feel it but honestly, the light coming out of your screen is constantly destroying your eyes by constantly putting them under eye strain.

In addition, that exact strain is responsible for a disturbed sleep at night.

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What Can Be Done?Β 

The number one thing you need to do is to get your hands off your screens as soon as possible.

That way you will surely stop theΒ stabbing pain in the eye which blue light causes.

If you can’t do that due to your job or your office work then try to stop using your phone and your laptop almost 1 hour before you sleep.

Another alternative is to use one of the best software Iris on your screens to block the blue light and protect your eyes from it.

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What Is Iris?

Iris is so far the best software that helps in making your monitors and your phone screens healthier and safer for your eyes by using a blue light screen filter.

You now no longer have to suffer through eye pain or eye strain because with Iris you can easily reduce the blue light coming out of your screen.

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The best thing is that due to Iris you will be able to get a good night’s sleep as this software regulates the blue light day and night which means that your body will be able to produce more melatonin at night and hence you will be able to sleep deeper and faster.


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