Free Blue Light Filter App

How often do you get a good night sleep?

If your answer is anything less than β€œAlways” then it is should be a worrying sign for you.

Why because it is your sleep that decides how active and productive you will remain throughout the day.

It is your sleep that decides that whether you will be able to perform the daily tasks efficiently or not.

One of the things that affect our sleep is the extreme usage of gadgets.

Whether you are reading a book on your tablet, watching a movie on the Netflix or using Facebook on your laptop your sleep is getting affected badly.

But does that mean that we should stop using these gadgets? Yes, or maybe not.

Stop using the gadgets can be a solution but that is not most of us will opt for.

The best way to tackle the problem is to reduce the effects of these gadgets on our health.

But how can we do that?

Basically it is the light coming out from the gadgets that affect the health of our eyes and as a result, we failed to get a good night sleep.

Using the gadgets in the daylight might not have the same effect as using those gadgets in the night.

So, it is very clear that we should come up with a solution with which we can adjust the light ratio of the gadgets.

Fortunately, we have blue light filter apps with which we can control the light ratio of our gadgets.

It is the blue light of the gadgets that make the most of the mess.

With these blue light filter apps, we can adjust the ratio of the blue in the light and can effectively control the strain on the eyes because of the gadgets.

Most of the blue light filter apps work in the same manner as they don’t operate in the daytime but after the sunset, they drop the color temperature of the screen.

They cancel out the negative effects of the blue light and decreases the glare massively.

This makes the working environment very easy for the gadgets users.

These blue light filter apps are now available for different platforms such as mac book and windows computers and laptops.

For Android and other smartphones, there are blue light filter apps available as well.

Iris is one of the blue light filtering apps that is available for multiple platforms including macs and windows pcs.

Linux users can also get this blue light filter app for their computer and can protect their eyes from the strain.

There are multiple features that Iris has to offer and two of the most popular features are the decrease in the amount of blue light emitted from the screen and control of the brightness without the PWM flicker.

Further, there are different modes that you can select according to your preference.

The best thing about Iris is that it is a free blue light filter app that you can try. In case you started to like using Iris then you can buy a lifelong license for Iris as well.

Gadgets are here to make our lives and work easy but that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your health and sleep on these gadgets.

Use blue light filter apps to make the working environment easy to work in.

Using technology in the right way is the only solution to control the abuse of the technology.

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