Computer Screen Filter For Eyes

If you work on a computer for a long period of time, you may find that your eyes start to get too tired.

The reason for this is that computers emit what is called blue light.

This light can make your eyes feel tired. This is why you need a computer screen filter for eyes to reduce this blue light.

How A Filter Helps

A blue light filter will reduce the blue light that comes from your laptop, personal computer, or another computer that you use at home.

This blue light can’t be seen but it still causes eye strain and other eye problems when you sit at a computer for extended periods.

This is why professionals recommend that you take frequent breaks from your computer and not workout it for a long time.

When you take breaks, you will reduce the amount of blue light that your eyes are receiving.

Common Solutions

There are a couple of common solutions that you can use to reduce blue light.

One of the easiest ways to simply use your computer for less time.

For many people, this is not a practical solution because we need to spend long hours at our computer to do the work we need to do during the day.

You can also get specific glasses that have a blue light filter installed.

This is also not as practical because you have to have the glasses with you at all times when you use your computer. Some people may find glasses uncomfortable to use.

There are better solutions to this such as using a computer screen filter for eyes with software.

Iris Software

Iris is a company that produces blue light filter software.

The software is easy to use and has 9 simple presets. You can choose many different combinations and there are different modes in the software, so it can work just the way that you want.

They have an automatic mode, a manual mode, and a paused mode.

The software also features different types such as reading, sleep, health, biohacker, programming, sunglasses, movie, and dark.

You’ll be able to use a type to suit any need that you have.

The software is also well-documented, so you’ll find it easy to use to reduce blue light.

Improved Health

When you use Iris Software you’ll also improve your health.

You’ll have less eye strain when you use your computer simply for the fact that you have a proper blue light filter installed.

You will reduce instances of eye pain when you use a proper blue light filter.

When you have the right filter you’ll even get better sleep because your body will produce more melatonin and you’ll be able to fall asleep faster.

Using the proper blue light filter such as the ones produced by Iris software can improve your health to a great degree, so you can use your computer whenever you need it


You need a computer screen filter for eyes. A good filter such as the ones produced by Iris Software can make using your computer a lot easier.

You’ll be able to use your computer for extended periods of time and you won’t have to worry about the impacts of blue light.


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