Angle closure Glaucoma

This is a type of Glaucoma that people also known as angle glaucoma.

It’s very rare, and it mostly happens when the drainage canals are covered or blocked.

As you can imagine, the pressure buildup in your eyes gets immense to the point where your ocular nerves get to be affected and damaged.

When you encounter angle closure glaucoma, your iris will not be as open and wide as it would normally be.

The outer edge of the iris will bunch up mostly due to the canals, and that’s what really happens in the end. You do need to go to the doctor and see if there are any major issues with it or not.

Angle closure Glaucoma Symptoms

Some of the main angle closure glaucoma symptoms include blurred vision, rainbows around the lights, nausea, headaches and some eye pain.

As you can imagine, these will get worse as the condition progresses.

This is why the best thing you can do is to address the situation the best way you can, and the results can be more than ok if you do so.

Is Angle closure Glaucoma dangerous?

Normally, a lot of people won’t even notice the symptoms.

They will just believe that all of this is created by tiredness.

But it’s safe to say that as time passes, angle-closure glaucoma does end up getting more and more challenging.

Your eye will have to face more pressure, and if you don’t act fast, you will end up dealing with vision loss.

Of course, this doesn’t happen immediately, but it can get pretty dangerous as time goes by.

This is why it’s important to go to the ophthalmologist to make sure that everything is ok with your vision.

Otherwise, you will end up having a lot of trouble, and your vision will be affected quite a lot because of that.

Treating Angle closure Glaucoma

There’s no denying that angle closure glaucoma can be very dangerous.

So, opting for the best treatment can be a very good idea. Normally, you can treat it with conventional surgery or laser surgery.

During this process, a small portion of the outer edge iris will be removed to let the fluids drain adequately.

It’s not the best possible approach, but it does work extremely well, and it can help you see better again.

This helps unblock the canals, and in the end, you won’t have to worry about the fluid drain.

As you can see, angle closure glaucoma is a very dangerous condition, and you have to address it as fast as you can.

It’s mandatory to go to the doctor often, so try to keep that in mind the best way you can.

It’s extremely important to know how to assess and handle angle closure glaucoma, but preventing it would be even better.

If you want to prevent angle closure glaucoma from ever appearing, try to use the Iris app.

This allows you to protect your eyes while you use any computer screen.

The results can be very good, and there will be no sign of angle closure glaucoma.

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