How to Reduce Blue Light from Computer Screen


Studies show that frequent exposure to blue light on your computer screens have harmful effects.

You might want to know how to reduce blue light from the computer screen or lower your screen time.

The Blue Light Effect


We need blue light in order to stay active. The sun emits a lot of it that can be found in its ultraviolet rays.

Blue light can help you stay active within the day, boost your memory and alertness, aid your cognition and memory, and make you feel happy.

However, prolonged exposure to blue lightΒ has several harmful effects on your body.

Studies show that blue light can cause eye irritation, headaches, neck and body pain, and blurry vision.

There are other alarming health problems that are connected to the blue light. Some of them are permanent eye damage, illness, and cancer.

Protect Your Eyes


You can get eyeglasses that filter ultraviolet rays. Take a lot of breaks if you are doing your work mostly from a computer.

You have to reduce your surrounding light screen and avoid using too much brightness especially if your computer is located in an area with direct sunlight.

You can also upgrade your computer screen’s display.


It is recommended to use a monitor with a liquid crystal display instead of a cathode ray tube.

LCDs are easier to see and they have an anti-reflective surface.

When you use a CRT screen, you might notice a frequent flicker on your computer screen at times.

This can cause eye fatigue in the long run.

What can Iris Software Do for You


There is another way of protecting your eyes. This can be a solution that is for the long-term.

Iris is created to decrease the amount of blue light emitted from your computer and reduce the flicker rate for your computer.

Iris can detect automatically whether you are working in a day or night setting, and it adjusts the monitor display accordingly.

The color temperature and brightness are adjusted as well on your computer.


If you are wondering how to reduce blue light from the computer screen, then try Iris.

Iris can work on USB monitors and docking stations. Some of the features include brightness without pulse width modulation, partial screen blue light reduction, manual settings, and color effects.

If the blue light is properly filtered, it won’t affect your body clock and you can sleep easily during nighttime.

Download Iris

There are new versions of Iris for latest Windows upgrade.

Iris can make your work easier. Your eyes can adjust to a prolonged computer screen time and you can do your work much faster if you don’t have eye strain.

Contact Iris today and learn more valuable information on how to reduce blue light from the computer screen.

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