How different colors affect our nervous system?

It is a wide known fact that colors can manipulate us.

There is a whole science that studies colors, the way we people perceive them, and the psychological effects they have on us.

It is called colorimetry, or simply color science. In this article, we will talk about the emotions that colors make us feel and how we perceive them.

Have you ever noticed how specific colors make you feel specific things?

Like when you look at the green you feel tranquil and calm?

The reason behind this fact is that we relate green to natureโ€™s colors about leaves, plants, and grass.

Havenโ€™t you asked yourself why traffic lights are specially working with these three colors: green, yellow and red?

It is all coming down to color phycology.

Have you ever wondered if colors affect our brain?

๐Ÿค” Why colors have such a great impact on us?

๐Ÿคฏ How different colors manipulate us?

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Why colors have such a great impact on us?

While animals have greater hearing and smelling senses, night vision, and even electricity waves perception, we humans rely too much on our eyes to understand the world around us.

Colors may be powerful tools to bring up memories, make someone feel in a specific way or call to action.

Without a doubt, the explanation about this is coded deep in our human beings.

In nature, there are two groups of colors – warm and cold.

Most people associate warm colors with the day, springtime and summer.

Such colors are all the shades that come out of yellow, red, and orange.

And the cold spectrum reminds us of the night and winter.

Their colors are purple and violet, blue, and grey, plus their many shades.

Thus, warm colors make us feel lively, full of energy, while on the other hand, cold colors remind us of calmness.

How different colors manipulate us?

Black and white

White is good and black is badโ€™ – this is how most people understand these two colors nowadays.

Black- mostly like the color of all bad things.

It is frequently connected with occasions that people hate.

Like mourning, death, and depression.

But also with power and strength.

According to science, this is the color that absorbs the whole spectrum of the white light.

Nonetheless, being a color with such a reputation, it is still the most searched for in clothing, both by men and women.

This may be because when worn on clothes, black hints of boldness, self-confidence, and formality.

On the other hand, white is often linked with purity and god-like, angelic powers.

Usually, brides wear white and used in hospitals.

Usually, you could spot that designers rely on this color to make a room seem larger and more spacious.

Warm colors


When do you see red?

You can see it on traffic lights because it attracts attention and warns about the danger.

Red is an intense, dynamic color that may invoke many emotions.

Not only does it bring up a reminder of love, but also anger.

Red is one of the most emotional colors of all.

Moreover, red is considered to boost up productivity and creativity.


Yellow brings attention, therefore all labels of great importance and signs are colored in yellow.

You can easily spot it while driving – on the traffic lights, street signs, and billboards.

Yellow is the very first color that babies perceive after they are born.

It establishes a warm atmosphere with a pinch of something fun.


Most of people think of an orange as a happy color.

It is warm and inspiring.

This color tends to make people proactive and full of energy.

Besides, orange reminds us of comfortable autumn evenings and pumpkin treats.


Usually, when we think of โ€˜pinkโ€™ something girlish and feminine comes to our minds.

Pink is linked to romance and love, compassion and sensitivity.

There is an international day of the Pink Shirt, celebrated every year, that symbolizes the intolerance of bullying and supports kindness among people.


Brown is a warm color associated with nature, for it is seen in the earth, on trees and plants, etc.

It is a neutral color that rarely brings up any strong emotions.

In fashion, brown varies from pale beige to deep dark brown.

Despite the shades, though, brown is seen as a boring color when it comes to clothing.

Cold colors


Blue is a sad color, also it is cool and lonely.

In nature, we connect blue to winter and coldness.

This is the reason we perceive it that way.

Still, it is also a calm and stable color.

Many people chose it for their bedrooms, especially the male half.

In the same way that women prefer pink and red, men prefer blue and its different shades.

Another interesting fact about blue is that people whose job is to be in a blue room seem to be more productive and their thoughts flow straight, they tend to not get easily distracted.


The light your computer or smartphone display emitters is cold blue light.

Blue light is in contrast to the light that our eyes get naturally from the sun.

Therefore blue light leads to damage to your eyes.

Read more on blue light and why it is damaging your eyes, and check out Iris – a reliable blue light-blocking software.

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This is an exotic color.

It cannot be found easily in nature, therefore it is a combination of red and blue – one warm and one cold color.

In history, it was associated with royal families due to the fact that it was expensive to dye and find such fabrics.

Nowadays it is commonly seen as a spiritual and peculiar color that many love because of its attractiveness.


What is the first thing you think about green?

Of course, it is about nature. When we think of it, it brings us calmness and relaxes.

Our thoughts fly away to quiet forests and sunny meadows.

This is the reason why color therapies include green.

Nature is green, but money, healing, and luck are too.

Apart from the association above, many see green in different ways.

Therefore green is just like red one of the most temperamental colors.


People perceive and see the world through colors.

Companies use the colors through marketing to draw up clients.

Anyway, they help us understand different situations in our life and provide us with the ability to express ourselves.

All of this only because our minds are used to colors since birth.

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