Vision therapy: Eye exercises for keeping your eyes strong and healthy

Your eyes just like any other muscle can get sore and start to hurt.

That’s why it’s important to let them rest properly and exercise them to keep them healthy and strong.

Here is a collection of some eye exercises that can help you be productive, eliminate headaches and reduce the risks of serious eye diseases like glaucoma and cataract, and help recovery from previous eye surgery.

Vision therapy - eye exercises for keeping your strong and healthy

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Keep palm and carry on

Rub your hands firmly in one another as if you’re starting a fire the medieval way.

Once they’re warm cup your eyes with your palms and let them rest on.

It’s best if you’re in a laid back or lying position.

Make sure there are no cracks between your fingers where light can go through because that would stimulate your eyes, not relax them.

Keep your palms on your eyes until the whole heat is transferred.

Gaze into the darkness meanwhile and imagine a beach perhaps. Repeat 3-5 times.

Binge Blinking

Sit down and relax.

Blink really fast about 15 times.

Then close your eyes for about 20 seconds. Repeat 4 times.

Zoom in on this tip

Hold your arm outstretched in a thumbs up position or holding a pencil upright.

Focus on your thumb or the pencil.

Slowly start bringing it closer until you can’t focus on it anymore.

Then stretch your arm again to the starting position.

Repeat 3 times each once a week.


Kinda like flexing your biceps on Tinder, but not quite.

Sit in a chair and without moving your neck look to the most extreme up you can.

If you want you can just try looking at the space between your eyebrows.

Then look to the extreme down (or your nose).

Repeat 10 times.

Then shift in looking to the left and the right the same way.

Repeat 10 times.

To infinity and beyond

Look towards the floor or a wall about 10 feet in front of you (approx 3 meters).

Imagine you’re drawing a giant figure 8 or the infinity sign with your eyes.

Trace it one way for a couple of minutes and then the other way.

Eye spa with my little eye

There are a few ways to make a DIY spa for your eyes (or a D’eye’Y spa, get it).

One way is to do a hot compress.

Soak a towel in hot water and then slowly and gently massage your closed eyes, your forehead and your cheeks. Repeat a few times.

You can also do that with your hands, again by soaking them in warm water and lightly massaging your eyelids.

Don’t press too hard! The other way is with a hot&cold compress.

Have one towel soaked in hot water and another in cold water.

Put one on your eyes for about 3 minutes, then remove and put the other one.

Switch between the two as long as you wish just make sure to always end on a cold compress.


Like in the zooming exercise hold your arm outstretched with your thumb up.

Focus on your thumb, then focus on something in the distance, then again focus on your thumb.

Repeat for about 2 minutes.

Roll, roll, roll your eyes

You know that moment when you’re getting off the bus and some fool takes 50 minutes to get down the stairs and then stops right in front of the door and you don’t want to be rude so you just roll your eyes at them.

Yes, imagine that and slowly roll your eyes 360 degrees.

Repeat 5 times in one direction and 5 times in the other direction.

Leave a message

Similar to the figure 8 exercise, sit in front of a wall (preferably with no pattern) and imagine you’re writing a message on it.

Remember that argument you had with a classmate when you were in fifth grade and you couldn’t think of a good reply.

Well, think of it now and slowly write it out on the wall with your eyes.

Make sure to write out every letter well to strengthen your eyes better.

Don’t make it too long though.

Additional care tips

Keep in mind that if you’re already wearing glasses or have some kind of eye issue these exercises won’t magically cure you.

If you’re not feeling well constantly schedule an appointment at the optometrist and listen to what he has to say.

Make sure to eat and sleep well too.

If you don’t have time to do these eye exercises or you still feel like you need more help to keep your eyes safe and healthy don’t hesitate and install Iris today.

Iris is a software for eye protection that keeps you healthy in front of any device all day.


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