What Color Light is Good for Sleep?

Before getting started with the topic of today, we would first like to tell you that this article is for all those people out there who consider the health of their eyes important.

This article is for all those who find it hard to sleep peacefully at night due to eye strain, pain and injury too.

It is a sad fact that a big figure of the world’s population is falling victim to ocular diseases and the weakness of the eyesight is now considered a normal thing.

But truth be told, this is not something that is normal, weakness of the eyesight can actually become a bigger problem with the passage of time.

Sometimes even a small injury to the eyes can lead a person to permanent vision loss and we are pretty sure this isn’t something anyone would want.Β 

What’s The Basic Issue?

Now, you might be wondering that what exactly can lead a person to ocular diseases and why are people falling victim to it so quickly?

Well, the answer is something that we all do know but we don’t pay much heed to it.

The problem lies with the excessive use of mobiles, laptops, television, tablets and all other such devices.

All of these devices produce blue light that goes straight to the retina.

Also, it is a fact that blue light is the only type of light which the eye cannot filter and this is where the problem begins.

You keep using the mobile and laptop screen throughout the day and that constantly puts your eyes under strain.

The strain on the eyes than starts affecting your nervous system and hence you lose the ability to concentrate on certain things and most importantly, you don’t get to have a sound sleep then.

What Can Be Done?

Now we obviously can’t suggest you to stop using your phones and your computers but at least you can avoid it at the night time.

Moreover, if the nature of your work demands from you to use the screens at the night too then we have another solution for you and that is the blue light filter.

These filters are available online and in your play stores too and you can easily download them.

However one of the best blue light filter software is Iris.Β 

What Is Iris?

Iris is a software that is made with the modern technology and the sole purpose of this software is to protect your eyes from the damage of blue light.

What actually happens is that Iris optimizes and adjusts the light of your screen in such a way that it starts appearing natural to the naked eye and all the strain and stress is gone with it.

By applying this filter you can use your screen even at the night time and we assure you that you won’t feel any kind of stress on your eyes.

Automatically, your nervous system will stay relaxed and you will be able to have a sound sleep at night.

There are several people using this software on their phones and laptops at the moment and till now Iris is totally successful in protecting the eyes of the people from getting damaged.

If you are also someone who is worried about his eyes then you need to try this software for once and you will feel the results on your own.

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