How to reduce stress at work?

Do you come back home tired and squeezed out at the end of the day…could it be stress at work?

Are you usually annoyed at work? Is your sleep a bad experience? This is all because of the stress caused by your job.

Stress at the workplace can have both good and bad impact on your performance.

It depends on the levels of stress you have.

If there is some little amount of stress it has a great possibility to inspire you to do better.

For example, an acceptable level of stress is when there is a certain project among colleagues.

And they compete who is going to it better.

And this kind of stress could inspire you and give you fresh ideas to move forward.

However, if stress is really making you feel uncomfortable and stops you from doing your job, then it will affect your health.

And you must find a way to reduce it.

Why is stress bad for you?

An extra amount of stress could affect your mental and physical health.

It can be caused by strict deadlines or a lot of difficult workloads on your head. Or both at the same time.

Tight deadlines are leading to hastening and not paying attention to important details.

Which often leads to work that isn’t done right.

Also, if there is pressure in the relationship between you and your colleagues, this adds up to the overall stress.

Try to be kind to the people you work with. After all, you are spending the whole day with them.

Make the working atmosphere friendly and nice.

Stress at work and stress, in general, can lead mainly to mental problems like anxiety, sleeping problems, and headaches.

Usually, one leads to the other.

The first sign of being in a lot of stress is the lack of good sleep.

Another sign is to have problems with concentration and memorizing simple things.

We can help you to beat the stress in the office with some simple life hacks.

How to reduce stress at work? Here are 9 simple ways!

Be organized

The first rule of being productive is to be organized.

That way you will manage your tasks on time and will feel delighted that you made it before the deadline.

There is not going to be any stress about unfinished projects at all.

You could take a simple sheet of paper and prioritize everything that has to be done.

One tip is to start with the most difficult task, then move on to the simpler ones.

Do not multitask

This could be a big reason for stress at work.

Taking a lot of projects is not one of the best decisions you could make.

And multitasking is not always considered as something good.

This is because when you multitask the chance of forgetting something major is not small.

The best way is to take up to two or three projects, so your work goes smoothly.

Exercise and do sports

We know that it is difficult to go to fitness or to do anything else while working takes such a big part of your life.

But finding time for some exercising, even once per week, is going to reduce your stress levels drastically.

Sports are proven to have a beneficial impact on our health. Both physical and mental.

Yet, if you do not have time for spots even once per week, do not lose hope!

Instead of losing your time to check on your social media during the lunch break, you could go for a walk.

Even a simple walk could help you to charge some new powers and clear your mind.

Plus that it is going to relieve your stiff muscles of all that sitting during the whole day.

Listen to music

If you love music, then why not listen to your favorite songs while you work?

Make a playlist with the songs that motivate you and take a pair of headphones.

Motivation is healthy for people who work the whole day because it keeps them focused.

And this is going to help you to be more productive.

You could also talk with your colleagues and make a collective playlist together.

Get speakers in the office and let your jam inspires you.

Spend some time for yourself

Spending time with yourself, doing things that you love is a great way of releasing stress.

Find some time that will be planned especially for this purpose.

You could read a book, go out with friends, visit a theatre play, cook something delicious or watch that series you have been looking forward to for some time.

Stay away from conflicts

Conflicts are always a reason for long-lasting stress.

Always try to avoid being in conflict. neither with colleagues nor with family.

Try to see their point of view and be kind.

Speak calmly and find a solution to the problem.

Still, do not bury your interests and desires. Just find a consensus.

Take a night of good 8-hour sleep

Sleep is essential for being proactive and healthy.

Do not work till late, because the blue light from the display is both dangerous for your eyes and leads to insomnia.

If you have to get up early on the next day, go to bead some hours before the usual time you do it.

Napping is also considered to be healthy.

A good 20-minute nap can recharge you with new powers for work.

Take care of your eyes

The wellbeing of your eyes and your sleep are connected.

Even more, your eye’s health is essential for doing your work properly.

If you have red eyes, blurred vision, or dry eyes, it would be impossible to be productive.

Blue light can lead to many eye diseases and even to vision loss.

So, try to minimize the impact of the blue light from your monitor.

You can do that with special computer glasses, or with a blue light filter for PC.

Iris is a blue light filter for PC that can be installed easily on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

It is doing the same job as computer glasses, even better.

This blue light filter blocks the blue light from your display and you can set the levels of intensity.

It depends on what feels comfortable to you.

Another super perk of Iris is the break reminder.

In order to feel good, your eyes need a rest from the screen on every forty minutes or so.

You can set Iris to remind you of a chosen period of time to stop your work and look at far objects for several minutes.

Talk it out

Another way to reduce the stress from work is to directly speak with your employer about what you find stressful.

It could be the noise in your office, the conditions you work in, and the workload you are given.

Last Words

These are some simple ways to minimize the levels of stress in your life and become a healthier person.

After some days of practicing them, you are going to feel way better and grateful for your job and life.

Do not let stress ruin the way you live and the things you love.


Author: Yoana Borisova
Publisher: Kalina Shushlina



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