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  1. I’ve downloaded Iris but don’t see how to install or get it to work. I’ve tried drag and drop. What do I need to do?

    1. .
      [ Sydney ] what do you expect Iris to do?

      Does your screen seem redder and less bright in the evening, bluer and brighter in the daytime?

      Does the screen brightness change back and forth between bright and dimmer when you left-click on the tray icon?

  2. Please simplify the settings pages. I don’t mean dumb down, but make it more intuitive. As it stands it is very convoluted. Why do I have to flip through 16 pages!? It should be one page of intuitive settings with simple tooltip explanations. And please get rid of the skeuomorphic UI elements (switches, etc).

    I love the idea of this as a F.lux on steroids (especially the refresh rate eye strain part) after listening to you on Ben Greenfield, but it’s so hard to navigate through all the settings that it gives me anxiety! I’m going to go back to F.lux until things are intuitive. Love the idea though. I’ll follow your blog awaiting said changes 🙂

    Also you’ve really over-complicated everything else too. Why a mini app and a regular app and three different pricing plans based on actual minutes of usage?! You’re making people think too much. It should be one app and three plans: Free, Basic, and Pro. Simplify!

    Just trying to help, hopefully you see as constructive feedback.

      1. Hey Daniel,

        You’re doing a great job bro.

        I agree with Cyrus and would like to see those changes too so I can recommend even more people to download your app.

        Thank you for your work in protecting our eyes and helping us sleep better!

        Thanks You!

  3. Hey, good idea but horrible usability. My job is to teach hundreds of teams in a big software company how to create software that is easy to use. I can give you some hints if you want.

  4. I left my computer on and my usage was used up, however I only used Iris for 10 minutes. I did not use my computer at all the remaining 3hrs and 50 minutes. I like some of the ideas above. I dont want to have to worry about leaving my computer on or off. Why not $39.00 for Pro for 1 year like everybody else? Seems that would be ok. Just leaving a comment. Seems to be a great app.

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