How to install and activate Iris


Download Iris for your operating system from this link

After you have downloaded and installed Iris see the instructions below on how to enter the Activation code

When Iris is started it will look like this

If the payment result page is still open copy your new activation code. You will activate Iris in a moment.

Payment result page looks like this

And your activation code is the numbers on white background

If you have accidentally closed this page you can also see your activation code in the e-mail that was automatically sent to you

Place this code into the License input field

And click Activate code button

Your Iris will become Pro and you will get Thank you notification. You will also be redirected automatically to the Advanced settings.

You can return to simple settings from the ON and OFF slider next to the Save and close button, but the important thing is that now all menus in the Advanced settings are unlocked.

One quick way to check if Iris is Pro is to see the icon. If your Iris icon is green you have Iris Pro

Thank you very much for buying Iris,
Daniel 🙂
CEO Iris


Watch this video for Windows

Watch this video for MacOS

18 thoughts on “How to install and activate Iris

  1. HI, I have purchased Iris and really enjoy it. Thanks. I need to swap laptops, how can I transfer my license? Thanks, Lennard

  2. I cannot get Iris to work on a MacBook Pro with with two external monitors. It works on the MBP monitor, but not on the two external monitors. Sent screenshots to online chat with settings and more detail. Would like a fix or refund. Thank you.

  3. I have purchased (and paid twice)for your program. Yet I can not see that it is open and working. Please advise and return one of my payments.

    1. Hi Dan,
      Messaged you with help and a fix 🙂

      Also, gave you details about the refund, we’ll do it 🙂

  4. Hope that Iris Pro installed ok today for lifetime cover with payment of $13.49 USD ? Please confirm ? Thank you, Neill Harris

  5. I did buy the $15 version and when I try to download it I get this message:
    Error 503 Backend unavailable, connection timeout
    Backend unavailable, connection timeout

    Guru Mediation:
    Details: cache-mdw17332-MDW 1550612355 3198006440
    Please advise!
    Thank you,
    Maura Andronic

  6. In already downloaded the iris and then when I went to purchase it will not activate??

    1. Hi Paul,
      After you make a purchase you will receive an e-mail with an activation code you need to enter in the program
      If you’re still experiencing problems you can write to us at

  7. I have purchased Iris today. Before I used the trial version and it worked just fine with two external screens. But the purchased option works only with the laptop but not external screens. The description of the Iris before purchase claimed that it would be possible to manage external screens. I saw in the user comments to turn on the high-level API, but I do not have the “Iris” bar in my program. Version 1.1.7. Would like a fix or refund. Thank you.

  8. Hi after Windows format I put the activation code and Iris says download an older version of Iris or buy a new code. Help me pls

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