How to install and activate Iris Subscription

How to install and activate Iris


Download Iris for your operating system from this link

Scroll down to see instuctions about how to install and start Iris.

When Iris is started it will look like this

If the payment result page is still open copy your new activation code. You will activate Iris in a moment.

Payment result page looks like this

And your activation code is the numbers on white background

If you have accidently closed this page you can also see your activation code in the e-mail that was automatically send to you

Place this code into the License input field

And click Activate code button

Your Iris will become Pro and you will get Thank you notification. You will also be redirected automatically to the Advanced settings.

You can return to simple settings from the ON and OFF slider next to the Save and close button, but the important thing is that now all menus in the Advanced settings are unlocked.

One quick way to check if Iris is Pro is to see the icon. If your Iris icon is green you have Iris Pro

Thank you very much for buying Iris,
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Watch this video for Windows

Watch this video for MacOS

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