Ayurvedic Color Blindness Treatment

Color blindness which is basically a color vision issue is related to a person who is unable to differentiate between some certain colors.

It does not refer to a person being completely blind or not being able to see any color.

A person who is facing color deficiency issues usually faces trouble in differing between red and other colors or has problem in distinguishing green. There are three types of color blindness:

  • Red Color Blindness
  • Green Color Blindness
  • Blue Color Blindness

Red and green color blindness is usually seen in people but blue color vision problem is the rarest one and hardly exists.

Moreover, the most severe form of color blindness is when a person is unable to see any color and has a life that works in different shades of black and white (grays).

Color blindness is a hereditary medical issue and it is hard to fix. It is more common in males as it is carried on the X chromosome.

Women hardly get color blindness. There is no absolute treatment for color blindness but there are some things that help in reducing it.

However, some people do believe in Ayurveda treatments and they have taken a toll since some time. Here is all that you can know about ayurvedic treatment for color blindness.

Ayurvedic Treatment

There are some simple tips and ways that can reduce the effects of color blindness. It is not completely recoverable but you can always take some ayurvedic ways and tips that can waiver the problem off.

There are many ayurvedic medicines that help in reducing the issues. These medicines do not treat the issue completely but they do make it easier for the patients to distinguish between the colors in a better manner.

It is definitely recommended that one visit a proper doctor first and then opt for any sort of medicine, be it ayurvedic.

The ayurvedic experts recommend a good diet to waiver off the issue. It is recommended that the affected person should include Brussel sprouts, mangoes, berries, carrots, broccoli, spinach and bell peppers in their diet.

The doctors also recommend that people who have color vision issues must keep their caffeine intake limited. Moreover, reducing sugar intake in the daily diet is also very important and it is best to avoid canned foods and refined flour as well.

As color blindness can bring a little stress in life as some activities become completely impossible for the affected person, it is best to go for a medicine that can help you beat the stress too.

This is where the Ayurveda medication becomes the savior as it aids in relieving stress and also makes the color differentiating process easier.

If you have not yet taken a color blindness test then you can do our Vision test.

This color vision test helps you in getting to know whether you are color blind or not. It also aids in making you understand the severity of your problem.

Therefore, it is very important to test your color deficiency and its severity before taking any medication.

The best part about Ayurveda medication is that it does not have any side effects and thus, the majority of people recommend it and prefer it as well.

You can always look for the best Ayurveda doctor in your location or you can find one online too.

Through our Vision test you can test your vision and opt for the best medication after that. Make sure that you do not go ahead with any medication, on your own assumption.

You need to assure that you have a color deficiency and only then, you can go ahead with an ayurvedic medicine too.

You can also try our Vision softwareΒ which will help you to differentiate the colors of the screen.

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