Bulk Licenses

You can buy multiple licenses for your team or organization

  • Minimum license count for bulk purchase
    • 100 licenses minimum
  • Discount
    • 100-200 licenses – 30% discount
    • 200+ licenses – 40% discount
  • Discounts are only valid for 1 time purchases of licenses
  • There is no bulk discounts for subscriptions

How to Buy?

  • Send the money to PayPal
    • daniel@iristech.co
  • Write to me at daniel@iristech.co
    • With the invoice and the number of licenses
    • Choose if you want 1 activation code with X number of activations
      • Example: team-awesomecompany
    • or X number different licenses
      • Example: CODE1, CODE2, CODE3, CODE4, etc.
  • I will send you a .txt file or team license with all the licenses

Answers also

  • HI. Our company is interested in using your product, but we have several questions: 1. What is the way of obtaining and managing big number of licences (more than 500)? 2. Is there a way for remote deployment of the program? 3. Can the licence be transferred to a different computer when needed? 4. Is the licence locked to a specific computer, or to a specific user? 5. Does the software sends any king of information to a remoter server or another location? There are the questions I have at the moment, there will probably be more at a later stage, and I will contact you again. Thanks in advance. – 2017.08.24
  • Hello Daniel, Could you please provide us also with the prices per license and what is the breakdown of the bulk licenses. For example packages for 100, 200, 500, 1000 people respectively. Regards, Alex
  • Hi Is there a volume licensing / reseller option? I might have an opportunity for a large enterprise – 2017.10.11

E-mail answer

  • We have bulk licensing for companies and teams with minimum of 100 licenses
  • For 100-200 licenses 30% discount
  • For 200+ licenses 40% discount
  • For more info and how to buy


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