Color Blindness Causes

Majority of the people who have color blindness can see all colors but find it hard to differ amongst some.

If you are color blind, you might have asked yourself several times as to why it happened with you or what caused it.

This is a normal query and obviously, there is always an answer to such illnesses. You need yours too.

This color vision problem comes in different types. It makes it hard for the affected person to differentiate between red, green and blue.

However, blue color blindness is the rarest of them all. Majority of people who get this issue are males and it is caused due to heredity troubles as one of the parent might have it.

What causes Color Blindness?

Yes, you heard it right above; color blindness is usually a heredity problem.

It is not important that one of our parents need to be color blind, in order to you being affected by it.

Sometimes the genes cause a photopigment fault in the retina.

These pigments are basically molecules that are responsible for detecting the colors.

However, not every individual is color blind by birth or due to heredity issues.

There are other causes to it too. Here are some of the causes of color blindness, other than genetic problems.

  1. Color blindness can be caused due to an injury that might have bought physical damage to your eye. Chemicals that damage your eye can also cause color blindness if you have exposure to them.
  2. If your optic nerve has been damaged, color blindness can be caused due to it too.
  3. Many people get color blindness due to a damage to their brain. Sometimes an injury results into color blindness as the part of the brain, which detects colors, might have been damaged.
  4. It is can be an age factor too. Old people start finding it difficult to differentiate between colors with the passage of time.
  5. If the eye lens gets clouded you can get color blindness then too. In medical terms, the clouding of the lens is better known as Cataract.
  6. Prolonged or severe diabetic patients can also face color vision problems.
  7. Macular degeneration is also one of the many causes of color blindness.

There are different types of color blindness.

Not every person who has color vision issue finds it hard to distinguish between red, green and blue.

Some people find it hard to differentiate between red and other colors while some might have an issue with the color green.

The blue color blindness is very uncommon and hard to find in a person.

However, some people (usually old) also have complete color blindness, where they are unable to see the different colors.

Their life stays in the range of greys, blacks, and whites.

Does Color Blindness cause other Health Issues?

People who are color blind from the scratch don’t get to face any Health issues due to this problem specifically.

They lead a very normal life, apart from the difficulty that they have to face while differentiating between some colors.

This condition can keep you away from some specific jobs.

For example, a pilot cannot be color blind.

Other than that, color blindness does not bring in any other health problems with it.

If you feel that you are having a hard time in distinguishing between different colors, then you need to see a doctor right away. Don’t prolong the condition.

It is always better to be aware of what is going on with you rather than lingering the situation on.

A doctor will tell you whether it is a color vision problem or something else.

If you are unable to reach out to a doctor, you can go visit Vision right now. Vision is software which improves the colors on your screen so you can distinguish them better.

This is an amazing predict online which allows you to test your color vision and detect whether you have an issue or not.

Via the Vision test, you can easily get your color blindness detected and set yourself free from all worries.

If you are detected with a minor one, you can see what the Vision has to offer to you.

Stay healthy and stay happy πŸ™‚

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