Color Blindness

Color blindness is a genetic issue and people are usually born with it.

It is a normally hereditary issue and is passed down from parents.

Green, blue and red color blindness is passed down to children from parents.

The gene which is responsible for this color blindness is carried by the X chromosome.

As X chromosome is much prominent and plays a huge role in the male gender, this is why this color blindness (red, green and blue one) is usually found in men more than in women.

8% of the male population has been reported to have color blindness and in the United Kingdom, the stats show that 4.5% of men are affected by it.

The studies show that around 200 or 250 million people are color blind across the globe.

The studies further show that the populations who have color blindness have usually gotten it from their mother who is the carrier.

However, it is not important that the mother is also color blind.

In the majority of the cases, the mother did not have any color blindness.

This disease may happen with the passage of time too.

Many people get it due to prolonged diabetes, liver issues or multiple sclerosis.

What is Color Blindness?

Color blindness is a situation in which one is unable to see colors in a proper way.

Many people term this condition as color deficiency too.

It is usually a condition in which a person is unable to differentiate between some colors.

The colors that get hard to identify by people who have color blindness are usually red, green and blue.

However, blues are very rare and red and green are the most common colors that are hard to distinguish in color blindness.

The retina contains two cells which are responsible for detecting light.

They are termed as rods and cones respectively.

Rods are responsible for detecting the light and the dark only.

These cells are sensitive to the low lights. On the other hand, cones are responsible for detecting the colors.

These are found near the center of one’s vision.

The brain signals through the help of cone cells to detect different types of colors and determine a perception about them.

Thus, you can say that cones help us recognize the different colors.

Color blindness usually happens when one or more than one of the color cones are no present in the retina or they are not functioning.

The color blindness is termed severe when all the three (red, blue and green) color cones are not present or are not working.

The color blindness is believed to be mild when all the three color cones are present but one of them is out of order.

The single cone then detects a different color than the normal one.

Thus, there are various degrees of color deficiencies.

For example, some people have mild color blindness but they can see all the colors normally in light but start having an issue with low lights or dark.

Likewise, there can be people who have mild color blindness and cannot view colors properly in full light but can easily do so in low lights.

The most serve form of color blindness is when a person only sees everything in the gray color.

This is very uncommon and rare but it does exist.

Color blindness is a disease that comes with a person by birth.

However, it does appear later on too due to health conditions.

If you start feeling a change in your manner of viewing colors and see them differently, then you need to visit a doctor or you can also check your issue online.

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