Does Iris works on Windows 7 right now?

One user told me that Iris is not working on windows 7. Do anyone else have this issue. This is bad, really bad.
I’m installing Windows right now to test this, but if somebody can test this on his PC it will be good.
Note that I’m using Windows 10 for the development of Iris right now.
Older versions seems to work fine on Windows 7

I also made fast experimental fix:

I managed to get running Iris on Virtual machine. It was running the only problem was this:
But I think this is from the VM.
Also the download links on the site was dead. Probably this was the issue. See this post:

WTF Dropbox?

Yep the broken downloads was causing this to happen:


Fixed the error above. I will ship it with 0.6.1 to fix this for everybody 🙂 The installation will probably be a little slower only this time


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