Eye exercises to improve your vision

It is a wide known fact that eye exercises are the best way to make your eye feel better naturally.

And sometimes, to improve the quality of your vision.

Taking good care of your eyes is essential to your overall health and well-being.

And it is one of the keys to successful biohacking.

It is not a secret that the eyes have a connection to many beneficial factors that concern your lifestyle.

If you want to jumpstart the day with a fresh look after having a good night of sleep keep reading.

We are going to see the best methods for keeping your eyes “fit” and healthy.

Why do you need eye exercises?

There is nothing you will lose if you try doing eye exercises.

Even the opposite – you will be thankful you started doing them.

Eye exercises are what the medics prescribe to their patients who suffer from eye problems.

Especially if the patients want to cure themselves naturally.

The eye exercises help with problems like digital eye strain, eye dryness, bad sleep, headaches, and many more of this kind.

These problems are usually caused by the way you lead your life.

If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer or you are using your phone all the time, then the blue light is most probably the main reason for having eye problems.

productivity at work

Also, they can occur if you spend a lot of time reading or being in places that have bad lighting.

The eye exercises can help you to relieve the strain and irritation because they moisturize the eyes.

Moreover, moving your eyes around is going to flex the stiff muscles around them.

This will relieve headaches and lightheadedness.

Eye exercises for relieving strain and dryness

The 20-20-20 rule

This is a classic when it comes to eye exercises.

The 20-20-20 rule is going to save your eyes at the end of your workday!

And the best of all, it is very simple, still quite efficient.

It is done by taking short brakes with a duration of 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

And while doing it, you have to look at far objects that are at least 20 feet away from you.

This is a good exercise because it unglues your eyes from the screen for some time.

Which is a great way to clean your mind, too, and become more productive?

Also, this way you will get less blue light radiation and better sleep.

Roll your eyes

Rolling your eyes is not particularly for when you are mad at something or frustrated.

It can be very beneficial for moisturizing the surface of the eyes as well.

Producing enough tear fluids means that your eyes are healthy.

Yet, not enough or too many tears can deeply damage your eyes.

If your eyes are too dry, for example, the surface will get badly scratched.

Another way to “roll” your eyes is to make and eight in the air or trace out your name.


Blinking is a natural remedy for sore eyes.

So, when you are using your computer or phone just do not forget to blink.

Blue light has the ability to make people forget to blink, which can lead to many eye problems.

One of which is the above-mentioned case of dry eyes.

Closing your eyes

Another good exercise is to just give your eyes a rest and close them for some minutes.

You can put your palms over your eyes and press smoothly.

Be careful not to press too hard so you do not hurt yourself.

This exercise has almost the same effect as sleeping.

Because while you sleep you do not use your eyes and they can rest.

Eye exercises for improving your vision

Change focus

One of the best activities for improving your vision consists of changing the focus of what you see.

Like when you look at closeby and far objects.

The eyes are like muscles, if you do not use them, they will become weaker.

So, put your thumb in front of you and look at it.

Then start moving it closer to your face and then stretch out your arm.

You can also do this by looking out a window.

Or looking at the edge of your monitor then at something on the other side of the room.

Do activities outside

Also, another good way to improve your eyes is just to get outside.

Have you ever felt that sudden ache in your head when you go outside and see the sunlight?

This is because your eyes have become so familiar with artificial lightning that they have forgotten the real light.

You can do a variety of activities while being outdoors and still do your job properly.

Also, why not spend an afternoon at the natural sunlight with a book or with your pet.

The possibilities are endless as far as you have fun.

You can do sport and stay fit.

And why not go out for a walk in nature?

The green color of the grass and the leaves is proven to be relaxing and to be healthy for the eyes.

Keep your eyes moving

Another hack for keeping your eyes and vision sharp is to never lock your stare at something for too long.

This tires the muscles and the eyes.

You should look around from time to time or take a short break.

This is applying not only for when you use a digital device but for when you read or watch TV, too.

Do you want to get to the core of biohacking?

And since we have been talking about how to keep our eyes healthy and how to improve our vision, we cannot leave aside Iris – the blue light filter for PCs.

Iris is a program that you can install on your computer and that is going to block the blue light that comes out from the screen.

Iris is the best option for keeping your eyes safe and having a good sleep routine because it is designed so that it suits everybody’s needs.

It has many modes to chose from and can be used by anybody!

It is worth considering to install it on all of your devices and start your eye care right away!

In summary, how to make the best of vision improvement?

All the eye exercises are great and can be done anywhere.

At work, school, on the bus or at home.

Of course, it all takes time and consistency for the effects to be visible, but with Iris, you won’t be even making an effort.

All it takes is to install it!

You can make a daily plan and have some minutes that are specially booked up for eye exercises.

There are many ways to find a way to a better and healthier life.

All you need is motivation!






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