Eye yoga will help you see everything you love to see

I know what you think, how painful can eye yoga be for the eyes.

Skeptical thinking will probably mislead you.

So take a look at the positive and let your eyes enjoy it.

In theory, you can find your harmony and develop your imagination.

But in practice, you will thank your eyes, as crazy as it sounds …

I let you see for yourself!

Do we need to know why?

Often in the morning you open your eyes and reach for your smartphone.

You check what time it is, then open unread messages.

You check social networks, you react to everything that impresses you, you like several posts.

Only after 30 minutes of wandering on social networks are you ready to switch to your morning routine.

The truth is that this passive sense of addiction to smart devices puts us in multiple stress.

When we consistently conform to the models that technology builds in us, we do not pay attention to the surrounding world.

According to “Your Sight Matters,” modern screen obsession leads to 1 in 4 eye patients, including blurred vision, insomnia, dizziness, muscle tension, and fatigue.

Think of something else outside the world of the smart machine.

You grab the back of Π° breakfast cereal and read what it contains while boldly chewing on chocolate balls.

As you brush your teeth, you focus your attention on the sink and then go out into the world beyond computer screens and other digital devices …

What do I want to emphasize?

That your eyes probably won’t get reset, until you pour yourself back into bed.

Eye yoga – a natural cure

Reach out to the diversity of movement and relaxation of the eyes, and not only.

Rest your mind at times, try to soothe your heartbeat and breathing, be your own medicine.

Eye yoga is a system of physical, mental and spiritual practices designed to transform the body and mind.

Well, isn’t this a medicine that aims to achieve the liberation we all want?

Now let’s cancel this model, in which we do the opposite.

Set the laziness aside and start with short exercises for the eyes.

Look away, move your eyes in different directions while you are relaxed and in a comfortable position for you.

Of course, you do not have to cross your legs and take a position with your hands in the air.

Don’t do it unless you feel comfortable.

Take it as a warm-up before a real workout.

This will not only prepare the structures that surround the eyes, but also the tissues in the eye.

It will relax the muscles, blood flow will improve the rhythm and contribute more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

How does eye yoga work for the eyes?

Eye exercises allow you to learn how to maintain optimum eye health by keeping the eye moist and keeping poor eyesight away.

I will share some β€œyoga for the eyes” exercises that you can practice at any time you judge.

I also recommend finding a comfortable sitting position or reclining position without distraction.

It is enough for you to be alone in a room or place where you feel free to avoid confusing situations.

The work is about consistency and care, not perfection.

Exercise First – Warm-Up

As I mentioned above, warming up is an important part of any type of exercise.

By increasing eye circulation, this helps to reduce the risk of pain or eye pain during exercise.

How is that?

Very easy, here are the instructions for a good warm-up.

  • Keep your head stationary throughout the exercise.
  • Look forward then up (upper eyelid).
  • Hold for 2-3 seconds, then look down.
  • Hold for 2-3 seconds, then look at the extreme left.
  • Repeat, then look at the extreme right.
  • Start by looking at the endpoints of your eye. You rotate the 4 diagonal angles.
  • Repeat the cycle for 1 minute.

According to Robert Abel, who authored β€œThe Eye Care Revolution”, these short exercises compensate for the muscle development we use to look at close objects.

Exercise Two – Flexibility

This exercise is intended to improve the flexibility of the eyes.

You can do it openly or closed no matter what.

  • Relax and lookup.
  • Turn your eyes clockwise.
  • Do it slowly, making sure you reach all corners.
  • Do this in 1 minute and turn counterclockwise.

Exercise Third – Switching Focus

This is probably the most commonly performed eye function.

When people depend on goggles, their eyes become more or less lazy, which ultimately leads to a loss of ability.

  • Keep something in small letters (book or newspaper) at a distance of 20 to 30 cm (reading distance).
  • Cover one eye with your hand.
  • Keep the covered eye open to avoid fatigue.

  • Find a sentence of at least 20 feet.
  • Trace its shape for 2-3 seconds (Do not try to squint. Relax your eyes).
  • Repeat steps 4 to 6.
  • After taking 5 minutes, do the same for the other eye and repeat the whole exercise again for 5 minutes.

The exercise can be improvised everywhere, even if you do not have text on hand, it is also possible with the clock on your hand (Keep track of the numbers).

Exercise Four – Deep blinking

This yoga exercise aims to sharpen vision at a distance and also to relax.

You will need a blank wall, a comfy chair and a few capital letters (you can cut a magazine title or make it yourself).

  • Glue the capital letters to the wall and move backward until the letters start to blur. Place the chair in this position.
  • Sit on a chair in a relaxed pose and close your eyes. Take a deep breath and release it slowly.
  • Then take a deep breath and hold. Tighten your muscles throughout your body, including your eyes, face, head, chest, neck, arms,
  • legs and stomach. Keep your muscles tight for about five seconds.

  • At the end of the five seconds, simultaneously exhale quickly through the mouth, releasing all the tension of your body with your eyes wide open.
  • Look at the letters and they should be clear in a few seconds.
  • Breathe slowly and keep the letters cool (blinking required).
  • Look at them for a second or two until they blur again.
  • Repeat steps 3 to 6 for 2 minutes.

You will be surprised how advanced you can be if you do this every day.

Exercise Five – Palming

Get some rest after the exercises.

Abel studies say that our photoreceptors are destroyed and restored every minute.

“The simplest way to overcome eye stress is to take a deep breath, cover your eyes and relax.”

You can close your eyes and cover your eyes with your hands. Do not put your hands near your eyes, they should be in the glass of your palm.

Hold the position for 1 minute or as long as you want.

A few closing words

Try these 5 eye yoga exercises that will help you to see the positive result in yourself.

They are fun, relaxing and you don’t have to be inside when you want to try them out.

For best results, try doing them when your eyes are still fresh.

Do not rush into artificial light or focus on the screen of your phone, or computer monitor.

Otherwise, use a Screen Filter and do a favor for both your health and your eyes.

Author: Nikolay Tasev


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