Are blue light filters useful?

In my opinion, they are.

I’ve always had several eye problems – high diopters, dry and strained eyes, headaches, etc.

So I can say that I was desperate to find a way to work longer on my computer without getting so tired.

First I tried the blue light blocking glasses – they increased my headaches. I also didn’t like that I can’t customize anything.

Then I was about to try a monitor protector, but I decided not to, because once I put it on, I can’t just take it off when I need to see the real colors on the screen and again I can’t customize it.

Which is why I switched to a blue light filter – Iris.


  • decreases the amount of blue light
  • controls the PWM Flicker
  • controls the brightness of the screen and adjusts it to the light in the room
  • reminds me to take breaks
  • allows me to adjust the settings the way I want to

For me, this is the best option for blocking the blue light.