Can I Protect my Eyes with Digital Detox?

First, let’s ask ourselves why we need digital detox: because technology has become toxic for us.

Here I don’t mean only that we have become antisocial. I mean literally that it’s toxic.

Blue light from the digital devices messes up our circadian rhythm and our brain doesn’t define anymore when it’s a day or a night. Which is why we have sleep problems. Monitors have basically destroyed our sleep.

Which is why a Digital Detox can be just you removing the blue light that your screens emit. How?

  • Blue light blocking glasses
  • Monitor protector
  • Blue light filter

Blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses can be very useful. What I don’t like about them is that I can’t customize them. I can’t control how much blue light I’ll get and how much will get blocked.

Monitor protector

Here it’s the same. They do block parts of the blue light but I can’t control anything. And if I want to see the real colors for a while I can’t just take it off. This is why I don’t like monitor protectors either.

Blue light filter

A blue light filter is the best solution for me. If you want to detox yourself from the negative impact of technologies – block the blue light with a blue light filter. The one I use is Iris – it also controls the PWM Flicker and the brightness of the screen.

Technology doesn’t need to be toxic.