Do blue light blocking glasses work?

For me, they don’t work so well.

I spend hours in front of my PC – I work and study there. So I tried blue light blocking glasses and they just made everything worse.

My headaches increased and I couldn’t stand wearing them.

Plus, with these glasses, you don’t remove the problem permanently.

Once you take them off, the blue light is still there and if you forget them – it will continue damaging your eyes.

So I switched to a blue light filter.

There are so many blue light filters, so I’ll share my experience with 2 of them.

First I tried f.lux, then Iris.

F.lux was fine, but it doesn’t control the PWM Flicker. For those of you who don’t know what PWM Flicker is – it is something that drives your eyes crazy. Here’s what they look like when you are in front of a PC:

Scary, right?

Iris does control the flicker so I switched to it and I’m happy with my choice.


  • decreases the amount of blue light
  • controls the PWM Flicker
  • controls the brightness
  • reminds me to take breaks
  • helps me work for hours and achieve more