Does blue light filter app harm our eyes?

 don’t see a way that a blue light filter app can harm your eyes.

Let’s start first with this question:

What does a blue light filter do?

It completely or partly blocks the blue light from your screen and helps you keep your eyes healthy.

Why is blue light bad?

Not all blue light is bad – for example, the Sun is the main source of blue light and the blue light that it emits doesn’t harm us.

It’s not the same with the blue light, that comes from digital devices.

At night, we don’t see the natural blue light, because there is no Sun. Which means that it’s unnatural to look at the screens that are like a big bright sun. This simply confuses our organisms.

Blue light “tells” our brain when it’s day/night. And when we don’t see it at night we get sleepy. But when we are in front of a PC and are exposed to blue light, our brain thinks that it’s still day and we can’t fall asleep after that.

What can we do about it?

We can use a blue light filter.

I don’t think that a blue light filter can damage our eyes. It just simply reduces the amount of blue light. What’s wrong about that?

I use a blue light filter every day – Iris. And I’m very happy with it.

My eye never felt so good, I work for hours and don’t get a headache, eye pain, eye strain, dry eyes, etc. Iris has a free trial also, you can see yourself how useful it is.

But even with other blue light filters – I don’t see a way they can be dangerous.