Getting giveaway code back after changing PC

  • You can only get your giveaway code back if it was connected to your E-mail
    • Basically downloaded Iris at the time of the giveaway from our website and entered your E-mail
    • You can do this from the User Panel
  • Otherwise, we have no way to find your code because everything is anonymous
  • You can use Iris mini for free

Answers also

  • Hi! I have got an issue, I have had iris in the past on my computer and was really happy with it. Recently I have reinstalled my pc, and later found my activation key in a backup file. I went to the iris website and clicked the move to new computer, however it just deleted the key and I can’t use it now because it was a giveaway key (version 0.9.3) I still have the key though, is there any chance of getting the pro version back?