How do I completely uninstall Iris

  • You can delete via Add or Remove programs

How to Uninstall by hand

If it doesn’t work quit Iris and then remove the %LOCALAPPDATA%/Iris folder

How to quit Iris

To quit Iris you need to right click the tray icon and click quit

Where is installation folder located

Write in the Windows Explorer %LOCALAPPDATA%

Delete this folder

How to disable Iris start on startup on Windows 10

If the above doesn’t work

  • open Task Manager
  • go to Startup
  • right-click over Iris and disable Iris

Answers also

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  • Had a free trial of your product and found it to be very good; it reduced eye strain considerably. While waiting to be paid to buy Iris, I have an irritating drop box from you whenever I turn on my laptop and don’t know how to get rid of it. So despite your excellent product, I won’t be buying it because your business model sucks.
  • Elyse Zebede Feb 27, 2020 16:51 Hi, I downloaded your blue light last night to my desktop computer, and need to have it removed, and cannot seem to figure out how. I work on the computer all day, and it is actually hurting my eyes and extremely uncomfortable. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP HOW TO REMOVE IT. Thank you!
  • Maccutcheonj Feb 27, 2020 17:52 I sent this already via your online message twice and via your email twice. Pls remove your annoying popup from my system. As far as I know I never allowed that and I will not be using your product. I will, if you do not remove this, get on Mercola and complain about it every time I go to the site which is daily. Not to mention every other site that may push your products. I requested this already, and it has been ignored, that is why this is more vehement. Jane MacCutcheon BTW, I do not use the parasitic/predatory social media “platforms,” actually theft modes.
  • imrkane — Today at 11:12 PM Iris mgmt. will you remove your pop-up on my rebooted pg. that always occurs olthough my trial expired and I see nothing in my downloads to delete it and I tried 2 x as some instruction said somwhere to reinstall it and redelete it without result (and if you have that built in, that’s evil)? – 2022.07.29

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