How effective are blue light filters in protecting your eyes?

Well, blue light filters are exactly what you hear – they filter the blue light.

So maybe we should start with the question: Why is blue light bad?

First I want to make clear that NOT all blue light is bad light. Blue light is part from the visible light. Here you can see that it’s in the Visible Light from the Light Spectrum:

It surrounds us every day – the Sun is the main source of blue light.

So you can’t and you shouldn’t avoid all kinds of blue light at all costs.

However, you should try to reduce your exposure to blue light from digital devices – your phone your PC, your TV, etc.

Long answer short -this kind of blue light is responsible for your sleepless nights.

When it’s dark outside, when it’s night, you can’t see the blue light of course, and this tells your brain that it’s time for sleep – that’s how your circadian rhythm works.

And when you sit for hours in front of that PC, you are exposed to blue light and your body can’t realize that it’s time for sleep. Therefore you can’t fall asleep after that and end up lying in bed and staring at the clock, counting how sleep you’ll get if you fall asleep in a minute, in two, in ten, etc…

It sounds hopeless, but it’s not.

Blue light filters are exactly the thing that will help you reduce the negative effects of blue light.

Check out Iris.


  • reduces the blue light
  • controls the PWM Flicker
  • controls the brightness
  • reminds you to take breaks
  • offers different types and modes, which you can adjust the way you want them to be

I think that you’ll find out the answer to your question very quickly 😉

For me, blue light filters are a MUST.