How to buy Iris?

Iris has a 7-day trial.

If you wish to use it further you can buy it (and support us) or invite friends (see Discounts -> Friend invites section for this).

Iris Mini is free to use and has no trial period.


For Iris Pro we have two lifetime licenses – one without future updates (you can only use it on the version you’ve installed at the time of your purchase) and one that comes with future updates (whenever a new version comes out you can switch to it) – check them out here – Buy Iris.

For Iris Mini we also have a lifelong license without updates – you can see it here – Buy Iris Mini.

If you don’t want to buy through PayPal you can buy through 2checkout with a debit or credit card – Buy with a card.


We also have monthly and yearly subscriptions for 1PC or up to 5 devices that can be used for both Iris and Iris Mini – check them out here – Subscription.