Ignore Iris effect when taking screenshots

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  • Hi! I’m trying to take screencaps while Iris is on but they come out with the Iris filter. Is there a fix
  • Преди да преинсталирам Windows нямах проблем с цветовете при Print Screen и пускането на изображението в Photoshop, а сега имам и не се покават реалните цветове на копираното
  • Hi, i just subscribed to Iris to test it out. One inconvenience i find is that my screenshots are affected by Iris. Is it possible to not affect the screenshots when i use Iris? So what i’ve been doing is pausing Iris, while enduring for the moment, and quickly taking the screenshot
  • When Iris is on the Windows Snipping Tool gives a dark red background. When Iris is off it still gives a light red or pink or orange background. How do I get rid of it? There should be no tint. The background should be white. Any ideas? Thank you.
  • I’m thinking of buying the product but having a major issue Whenever I do screenshots it turns my screen redish I’m not even sure the product works under normal use, I like how it look when I take screenshot but it’d need it the complete other way arround. Normal when I screenshot and redish when I use it I’m using Greenshot selection. Can anyone try taking a screenshot with greenshot and report if it does the same. It’s a windows app
  • Windows 10 version: When using Snagit (Screen Capture software) it will actually capture the current color setting of Iris Pro. Here are some screenshots that I took of a VMWare container first with Iris, second with Iris Paused
  • Hello I’m a Pro User from China. When I press QQ screenshot function(alt+c) the picture which QQ cut becomes a little yellow can I avoid this
  • I folks, I started using IRIS because it was the only solution that supported two screens! Since then, I am very happy with it. Just wanted to this constructive feedback to improve the product: I do a lot of screenshots during my work. With IRIS activated, the screenshot looks yellow and pretty ugly to sent to someone. So everytime I want to take a screenshot I have to pause IRIS, which can get pretty annoying. IF there would be a way to “automatically” pause IRIS, every time I open Windows “Snipping Tool” – That would be much of a relief. Best, Julius
  • Hi, does anybody know if there is a way to screenshot without having the orange tint come through? I’ve tried enabling low-level API but since i have a dual monitor/laptop docking station that disables Iris.
  • When I take a screenshot, it gets yellowish and darker because of Iris, how can I fix it?
  • Hi, I was wondering if there’s some way to avoid the Iris overlay from being picked up in a screen recording and other such applications. I remember it never being an issue when I had an older version a while ago. My current version is v1.2.0, I believe. Thanks!

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