Ignore Iris effect when taking screenshots

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  • Hi! I’m trying to take screencaps while Iris is on but they come out with the Iris filter. Is there a fix
  • Преди да преинсталирам Windows нямах проблем с цветовете при Print Screen и пускането на изображението в Photoshop, а сега имам и не се покават реалните цветове на копираното
  • Hi, i just subscribed to Iris to test it out. One inconvenience i find is that my screenshots are affected by Iris. Is it possible to not affect the screenshots when i use Iris? So what i’ve been doing is pausing Iris, while enduring for the moment, and quickly taking the screenshot
  • When Iris is on the Windows Snipping Tool gives a dark red background. When Iris is off it still gives a light red or pink or orange background. How do I get rid of it? There should be no tint. The background should be white. Any ideas? Thank you.

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