I’m not too computer saavy… Is iris hard to set up? Will I easily understand how to use it?

Iris works automatically by default so you don’t need anything to start to use it.

The only problem may be the activation and entering of the activation code.

I wrote a detailed article with pictures and video here


Basically, after payment, you get an activation code and you just need to enter it into the program and click activate.

I’m trying to make this even easier.

Maybe someone can help you with this and after this, it will work automatically and you don’t need any specific knowledge.

If you have any problems you can write to me at daniel@iristech.co

It may take me a couple of days to respond because I get a lot of e-mails but I do read and answer everything.

If it doesn’t work or you have anyΒ problem which we can’t solve I will refund you πŸ™‚