Iris for Linux problems

  • The Linux version of Iris is tricky to make for all distros because they constantly change the kernel and it’s not backward compatible
  • Sometimes you just need to download the correct .so files and place them in the libs folder
  • Other times Iris needs recompilation and you can’t make it run
  • You can download Iris for Linux for free from here
  • Try it and if it doesn’t work don’t buy it
  • It’s in our TODO to download all Linux distros and compile Iris under each but this takes a lot of time
  • Some features are only available for Iris on Windows like Fonts, Software mouse, High-level API, and Reading mode. There is just no way to make them on Linux

Answers also

  • I am working on linux ubuntu whenever i start iris it indeed affects the color of my screen however im not getting any menu, nor iris icon on the menu bar.. is there any way u can help me out fixing it
  • Hello! I don’t know if this channel is still active but I want to buy Iris, except the test version is extremely broken on Linux. Iris mini works fine so far though, so: 1) Is the software still maintained for Linux? Or am I going to buy something that may or may not work at the next system upgrade? 2) Why isn’t there the reading mode on the Iris Pro for Linux? Is it a technical issue?