How can you protect your eyes and live healthy?

Healthy living for me doesnโ€™t mean only eating healthy and exercising. Which is why I wonโ€™t talk about that.

I want to remind everyone something that we often forget to think about – our eye health.

Today we spend so much time in front of digital devices that itโ€™s a huge challenge for our eyes to stay healthy and strong.

So here is what I do in order to maintain good eye health:

  1. Exercises
  2. Breaks
  3. Blue light filter
  4. Monitor


I do eye exercises. Rolling your eyes around very fast, blinking as fast as you can for a minute, following the 20โ€“20โ€“20 rule – these are things that help me a lot. I work and study – every day I spend 6โ€“7 or even more hours in front of my computer so itโ€™s no wonder that I need something to help me relax my eyes.


I try to take breaks once in a while. While Iโ€™m on computer I try to stand up for 2โ€“3 minutes, go to the window and look as far as I can. That way you switch focus and your eyes wonโ€™t get tired so easily.

Blue light filter

As I mentioned, I spend a lot of time in front of my PC and I needed something to help me protect my eyes while on PC. The Blue light filter is exactly what I was looking for. The one I use is calledย Iris.


  • blocks the blue light
  • controls the PWM Flicker
  • controls the brightness
  • reminds me to take breaks
  • helps me work longer
  • helps me achieve more


Also, I highly recommend you to use a matte monitor – when your monitors donโ€™t reflect anything from your surroundings, your eyes will feel way better.