What is blue light, what is the purpose of a blue light filter, and should certain media be viewed without a filter?

Blue light, as you may know, is part of the visible light from the light spectrum:

The Sun is the main source of blue light, which means that NOT all blue light is bad light.

The blue light from the Sun has controlled our circadian rhythms for centuries and it has never been bad for us.

However, when there comes another source of artificial blue light – all digital devices, this confuses our brain. It can’t say when it’s day/night and this messes up our biological clock.

The result – sleepless nights.

So the purpose of a blue light filter is to reduce the negative effect of the blue light that our screens emit. A blue light filter helps you sleep better and protect your eyes.

That’s why I use a blue light filter on all my devices and at this moment I’m so used to it that I just can’t stand looking at a normal screen. Believe me, after a month of using a blue light filter you won’t believe what you used to do to your eyes.

I use Iris


It’s easy to navigate and it doesn’t only block the blue light, but also controls the PWM Flicker which drives your eyes crazy while on PC:

Try Iris for free

Or try any other blue light filter. Just do something for your eyes.

You need them your whole life.