What are the ways to reduce the effects of myopia naturally?

What comes to my mind is doing some eye exercises. I had myopia, but after surgery now I’m fine.

Here are some of the exercises that I still do in order to keep my eyes healthy:

  • palming
  • rolling
  • focus
  • blinking
  • Iris


Put your warm palms on your eyes and close them. Stay for 2–3 minutes like this. The warmth will relax your eyes.


Rolling your eyes in different directions strengthens your eyes muscles and helps you keep your eyes healthy.


Focus on different objects in the room fast. Some should be close to you, others not. This will again keep your muscles strong.


Blink as fast as you can for a while. I like this exercise – especially when I’m in front of my PC. Monitors tend to make us forget to blink. We just stare at the screens and this causes nearsightedness. So turn this into a habit – blink as fast as you can πŸ™‚


IrisΒ is a blue light filter that I use.

It protects your eyes in front of the PC. It also reminds me to take breaks and in these breaks, I do the exercises above. Which makes it the perfect fit for my healthy routine.