What eye exercises are good for my eye muscles?

The most interesting habit that I have is probably that I do eye exercises:

  • Palming
  • Blinking
  • Focus
  • Rolling
  • Iris


I put my warm palms on my eyes and close them. It’s important that no light passes through the fingers. When I do this exercise my eyes get warm and the eye strain passes away.


Since I work in front of my computer every day, for more than 5–6 hours, my eyes often get dry. A way to avoid this is to blink as often as you can.


Once in awhile focus your eyes on different objects in the room β€” some closer to you, others – not. Switching focus helps you avoid nearsightedness.


Rolling your eyes around keeps your muscles strong and healthy and helps you maintain good eye health.


This is a blue light software that I use. It obviously blocks the blue light that my screen emits and you’ve probably heard before that blue light from digital devices can be dangerous for your health.