What time should a blue light filter be used?

Well, this depends on how much time you spend in front of a computer.

In general, blue light is not bad light, but when it comes from digital devices, it messes up your circadian rhythm and causes sleepless nights.

If you spend 1–2 hours max a day in front of a PC, blue light may not be such a huge problem for your health.

However, if you are stuck in front of your computer for more, you should consider using a blue light filter.

And you should use it all the time, especially at night.


Because at night, we don’t see the natural blue light from the sun, right? So it’s not OK to look at the blue light that comes from the screen.

You can try a blue light filter like Iris, which has a Sleep mode for example – it completely blocks the blue light like this:

I know it looks weird, but I promise – once you try it, you’ll get used to it in a minute and it will help you a lot.

You’ll sleep like a baby after spending an entire day on your computer.

So my advice to you is:

If you use your PC more than 1–2 hours a day – try Iris for free and see if you’ll feel better 🙂

I’ll be more than happy to answer some of your other questions 🙂