What are the features of Iris?


Reduce blue light and brightness automatically

Easy presets to improve your sleep and reduce eye strain

Automatic location finding without using the GPS by 1 online request

Automatic blue light based on the time of the day

Control how much blue light is emitted during day, night or sleep time

Control blue light from your monitor manually

Remove 100% of the blue light

Invert your screen colors

Increase the blue light from your monitor over the maximum

Bigger than native brightness control

Automatic brightness based on the time of the day

Manual brightness control with a large range

Over the 100% brightness for increasing the light emitted from your screen

Set and change your location Manually

Set and change night start and end time manually

Change how much time the transition between day/night or other things take

Change the transition between different modes

Change the transition between paused and not paused values

Set time offset for day and night for improving your sleep while there is full moon or new moon

Change the light of the screen by darkening the corners and leaving the center of the screen more bright

Change the radius opacity and position of the darkening while using screen darkening (lightness)

Enable or disable the third transition aside from day and night called sleep. Useful for lowering the values even more while it’s midnight

Enable or disable Iris on some of your monitors

Control monitor settings individually

Enable and use screen effects like inversion, grayscale, simulate color blindness and use all kinds of screen effects

Make the fonts more smooth or sharp

Make your fonts more healthy for the eyes by using sharp font rendering

Magnify your screen in real-time

Enable and disable Timer which can remind you to take a break from the computer

Change the timer work and rest interval

Disable keyboard if you use the Timer on strict mode

Use the Pomodoro technique with the Productivity timer

Automatically or not close the rest screen

Use sounds when rest coming or ending

Postpone the timer and change the postpone duration

Customize how the rest screen looks like

Use orange mouse cursor and lower the blue light also on your mouse cursor

Start Iris automatically on startup

Hide the taskbar Iris when Iris runs in the background

Autosave or not Iris changes when you click the close button

Block the keyboard when timer is on strict mode

When the mouse doesn’t move automatically pause the Timer

When you don’t press keys on the keyboard automatically pause the Timer

Use High level API to get Iris running on USB monitors

Reset all settings and get Iris back to default settings

Fix colors if Iris has crashed with Reset colors button

Use and configure Shortcuts for most of Iris features

Automatically pause Iris color changes when some program is running or on focus

Automatically pause Iris color changes when some program is on fullscreen

Automatically pause Iris timer when some program is running or on focus

Automatically pause Iris timer when some program is on fullscreen

Automatically pause Iris orange mouse when some program is running or on focus

Automatically pause Iris orange mouse when some program is on fullscreen

Use screen overlay for additional blue light reduction or color theraphy

Use part screen blue light reduction by selecting area which is not affected by the blue light reduction

Use specific color settings for different apps with Color triggers

Automatically  detect and match brightness by using the camera

Automatically adapt the brightness based on the screen contents

Detect how often you blink with blink detection

Enable and disable things from the Iris menu

Import and Export Iris settings

Invite and tell friends to get more Iris for free. You both get +1 month of Iris usage

Change the language of the program to your native language

Use hidden features for some things which are not included in the UI but are part of the program

Check which version of Iris you have

Features which were on the homepage before

Gives you general presets for Blue light and PWM reduction

Automatically adapt to the light around you

Personal preferences from the Mode and Type menu

Reduce Eye strain during the Day with Manual mode

Test how Iris helps you with Health

Remove all Blue light with Sleep

Transform your monitor to book with Reading

Get Black theme on everything with Programming

Supercharge melatonin secretion with Biohacker

Combine Blue blocking glasses with Flicker-free brightness with Sunglasses

Lower Lightness without Brightness reduction with Dark

See dark and black movie Scenes better with Movie

Protect your eyes with all kinds of USB monitors with Overlay

Use High-level API to enable Iris on monitors connected via Docking station

Set your own values for Blue light and Brightness

Customize Blue light reduction and make your screen more Red, Orange or Yellow

Customize Brightness reduction and match screen brightness to the Light around you better

Set custom times for Day and Night mode

Customize Day and Night mode gradual transition duration

Customize Dark mode radius and screen illumination

Customize your sleep times, light, brightness and 3rd automatic transition

Disable Iris on 1 of 2 or more monitors

Use Optimized screen inversion and other Screen effects

Customize the strength of the reduction and other color schemes

Disable font smoothing and other eye strain font rendering techniques

Magnify your screen in real-time

Use Iris break reminding to look at distant objects from time to time

Disable Color changes and Timer when certain program are running or on focus

Use your Camera for Brightness and Blink detection

Enable and customize system-wide Shortcuts to use Iris faster and without opening the Settings menu

Pause Iris automatically when programs like Photoshop, 3ds Max, Blender or Maya are on focus to have exact colors

Pause Iris while you watch YouTube videos or Movies on Fullscreen

Use Orange mouse without it disappearing in DirectX games with Mouse pausers

Enable Automatic brightness and use your Camera to automatically match your screen brightness to the light in the room

Show or hide different menus you use often. Customize Iris from Features page

Change the language of the menus. Use Iris translated in your native Language

Customize Day, Night and Sleep Blue light from 0 to 100%

Use Extended values to suspend or increase Melatonin secretion

Lower Blue light during the whole day and night with Manual Light

Invert colors and use fast Black theme on everything

Control your Brightness without PWM and increase the brightness range of your monitor

Customize Day, Night and Sleep Brightness from 0 to 150%

Use Iris Flicker-free brightness to reduce eye strain

Lower Brightness during the whole day and night with Manual Brightness

Use Manual location to set your custom Latitude and Longitude if you are behind Proxy

Use your Clock instead of location and set custom night start and end times

Customize how sharply Iris transits between different preset times and set how smooth your Transition should be

Use Moon position to delay or advance your sleep times

Reduce the luminance of the screen without changing the brightness or blue light by darkening the corners of the screen from Lightness menu

Use 3rd transition time for even lower Blue light and Brightness late at night

Customize Sleep Light and Brightness and set Bedtime and Wake time for your 3rd transition

Manage monitors individually. Enable or disable Iris on one of your screens

Unlock all types of Screen effects ranging from Grayscale to different color blindness optimizations

Use different optimized screen Inversions.

Control how strong is the Blue light reduction with Color Schemes

Leave the Green color and reduce only the Blue light with Groot

Select different leading colors and experiment with Color therapy

Disable Font smoothing and other types of Font optimizations which cause Eye Strain

Break reminding and timer customization. Remind yourself to look at distant objects

Use Pomodoro like timer to be more productive

Customize Rest screen to be more beautiful while you are away from your monitor

Lower the blue light from your mouse cursor or make it bright and easier to see

Block keyboard while rest screen is shown to force yourself to take a break

Automatically pause the timer while you are away from your PC

Enable Iris on DisplayLink connected monitors or monitors connected via USB with High-level Color API

Use Smart brightness. Make the screen bright or dark based on screen contents

Enable Blink detection. See how often you blink

Use Part screen Blue light and PWM reduction with Overlay

Hidden features made specially for all your other needs


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