Fixing Iris Green screen on macOS

Update 2022.04: The green screen issue is fixed with the latest macOS update

  • In the newest version of macOS, they changed something and Iris looks like this
  • The workaround is
    • Enable Color Schemes from Features
    • From Color Schemes set leading color to Blue

Answers also

  • Hello! I just installed Iris on my new Mac. I bought the app for my windows previously. The app seems to work very differently on my Mac, the screen tends to turn green/blueish instead of red like previously. Is this an update or is the app not functioning properly?
  • I updated my M1 2020 MacBook Pro to the latest software update and now my screen won’t go red anymore on any setting, it goes green instead. I have the latest Iris 1.2.0 MacOS installed which was working fine before the software update. Anyone else have this issue?
  • I am using Monterey. It’s all green.
  • Does Iris work with Monterey? Everything is green.
  • Hello. I have a paid license. I moved to a new Macbook Pro. When using Iris the screen now has a green tint (instead of pink/red, on my previous Mac).
  • Hi. I was using Iris on a macbook 2012 (intel) and it worked great, but now that I’ve switched to a macbook M1, the color temperature is all off and the screen turns green when I use the exact same configuration I used to use on my old mac. Is there a fix for this? Can you help me, please?
  • No, Iris only works on the second screen and I have to use the color scheme: blue method mentioned above for the liquid retina display to get rid of the green screen.
  • Yeah, I have the green screen problem with the liquid retina display on MacOS Monterey 12.0.1. The green screen problem doesn’t affect external monitors, just the retina display.
  • Any suggestions? My Iris Mini only changes the color temperatures to green. I’m on an m1 macbook pro
  • Hey guys, did cntrl+f but couldn’t find answer to this. My screen turns green when i’m in Full Screen and there is no mouse activity. I played with the software mouse settings and low level color API setting. None seem to make it work. Sucks because I can’t go full screen on movies and stuff. It’s only video i think, because internet browsers are fine on full screen. What do?
  • Hi there – I’m using Iris on a new Macbook Pro 2021 and its making the display skew green! Anyone kn Hi there – I’m using Iris on a new Macbook Pro 2021 and its making the display skew green! Anyone know why this is happening? Thanks!
  • My sleep setting on my new macbook pro (2021) is GREEN – can’t seem get the red screen
  • Hello, does Iris work on M1 MacBooks? I have green color instead of orange tried it with flux, the same issue –


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