Future plans

I decided to posts about the future plans in order to get some feedback and discussion going.

For the future we plan:

Adding temperature config – like the brightness config it will be possible to customize your colour temp hour

Autochange color temp based on location – Iris will automatically find your location on the earth and based on this it will gradually change day and night based on your location. For the momment it just changes to night at 6 o’clock which is a little bit dumb I know 😀 But we will fix it 🙂

Linux version – my plan with Iris is to make it work on every platform. This means Windows, Mac, Linux and even Android, IPhone etc. Linux version is logically the next step.

More beautifull buy page – Well this is not exactly connected to the application, but the buy page is ugly, period. 😀

Adding water drink reminders – you know what I mean. An average person should drink 8 cups of water per day. Why not make a reminder for this.

Autoupdate Iris – It is a little stupid to go to iristech.co for every new version. Autoupdate will be good for lazy people like me 🙂

Translation – I think it will be cool to have Iris for your native language. I personally like the idea to make the program in Bulgarian, which is my native language. And it will not be that hard there are something like 100 words in the momment.

Improving blink detection – AI is a skill that I’m not that good at, but I am learning it every day and I believe blink detection will be a really good feature for a program for eye protection. Also I want to make eye mouse. To move your mouse with eyes and blinking to click. This is one of the ways I think a person can improve his blink rates when he sits on the computer.

Display images on the rest screen – This is a suggestion from one user that I really like and I was thinking by myself about it. Not that hard to implement also.

Disable social networks – I really hate how much time I spend on facebook and other social networks. This is really bad for productivity. Ability to block them for some time is something I would love to have in Iris

Make lite version of Iris – The technology behind Iris is big and slow. I want to optimize this and probably make something really lite that does not have UI. Maybe something command line. It will be cool.

Do you have some cool ideas for improving Iris? 🙂

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