How to Install Iris on Linux Ubuntu

Open the Downloads folder or the folder in which you downloaded Iris and locate the Iris archive file

Right click on the archive file and click Extract here or Extract to some folder you prefer

You will now the Iris AppImage file. This is basically the Iris program. Double click with the Left mouse button the Iris AppImage file to start Iris

If everything is good Iris will start and on the first start it will create Desktop shortcut. You will also see that Iris is running in the Taskbar and in the Tray

If you double click the Desktop icon the Settings window will open

Iris will also start automatically when you turn ON your PC. You can now click the X button to minimize Iris into the tray

If you click it you will get some fast options

If you want access to more options you can support the project and buy Iris Pro from here

Thank you very much for trying Iris,
Daniel 🙂

6 thoughts on “How to Install Iris on Linux Ubuntu

    1. Is it possible that you are running two versions of Iris (or another similar program) at the same time? They conflict with each other and may cause this

      If you want to uninstall you can just close Iris and delete the associated files that you downloaded

      1. Same issue as @Rialer: the Linux download file is a .zip file, no tar file. When following link to github I can’t find the iris tar file, sorry.

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