How to Invite Friends and use Iris for Free

In Iris, you have the option to invite a friend through a special link.

When they download and install Iris using your link you both get 1 month free usage of Iris.

The best thing is that the effect stacks, so if you invite 2 friends, you will get + 2 months

To do this, first, make sure you have Iris installed

Then, just click on the Invite Friends button in the menu


When you do that, you will get to this screen


Now you can share this link with your friends and they can download using it

When they download and set up click this:


4 thoughts on “How to Invite Friends and use Iris for Free

  1. I invited friends, but download Iris app, in the mobile phones, does that mean I can’t sync ….because Iris program still showing me expire date… Do my friends need to download Iris in computer?

  2. Hi
    I have invited to people and they downloaded the Iris on their PC. Then I tried to get two months free by press sync as you said, unfortunately, it has not worked. So can you please, tell me the reason?

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